The Logistics of Daily Pinning

I see a lot of people suggesting pinning on a daily basis for certain compounds (ace, prop, etc) and I am curious how this works in practice. I haven’t had much luck doing IM injections in spots other than my glutes (I’ve tried shoulders and quads in the past) – they’ve always wound up horribly sore and impacted my workouts and general mobility in a negative way.

I’ve seen some people (most recently MorePlatesMoreDates) suggest doing (small) daily injections using slin needles and this seems to be a more sustainable strategy that won’t leave me limping through the week.

Has anyone else tried daily injections? Any tips?

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It’s to keep steady blood levels while on short esters. Helps with sides.

I was informed about micro dosing from @PHD when I decided to jump on the TrenA train. My conversion for example worked as such. I was recommended to start a 200mg a week. So I had 100mg per ml Tren A. I took 30iu every day with slin pin. That works out to 30mg a day. Times 7 equals 210mg a week. I used 1/2” 28ga needle. Now. Just to let you know. It took a little time to draw the 30iu from the bottle. And a bit of time injecting. But it did work. Need patience. I had minor pip, a day or so (which I normally have 3 day pip short esters). No real sides. (I did have night sweats for a couple weeks but as I got used to the compound, it wasn’t as bad). And short needle makes it easy to rotate and even double up on some spots. (Legs I could do every 3 days if I had to). I am a fan of micro dosing. Now. Your levels will never go higher than 60mg after the first day. But that’s good. I liked TrenA PWO. ABOUT 45 min before. Seemed to work for me.


Like TBU, always use slin needles for tren ace when i run it.
I back load the syringes though personally and use a 21 gauge to draw.

Same as most here … during my current test prop / NNP cycle … pinning 50 mgs of each compound daily …rotation delts daily. So far so good… typically I would go EOD with short esters … but loving using all slin pins.


I use the insulin pin for TRT dosing and when on the Tren train makes it so enjoyable!! Plus it help keep the blood stable and ester in check with a minimum amount of AI.

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Fuck everyday pinning,which is exactly what I’m doin everyday, I don’t particularly like it, but the reward of stable blood levels, less sides,and better results far outweigh the negatives.


Pretty much anytime yo pin virgin muscle its going have a little more pip that a muscle that you have been pinning such as your glute. You will adjust within a week or two max just have to rotate locations. When I am on cycles that I pin everyday I use ventrogluteal often its like my go to spot. Delts I keep volume to 1.5ml or less and never have a issue everywhere else I can go up to 3ml without anything to worry about. I use a 25ga 1" pin most of the time for some spots and oils I will use a 23ga.

I’ve tried ventro a few times… Always freaks me out for some reason! Quads no problem.

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I do this now. Left pec, right pec, left delt, right delt, left lat, right lat, left glute, right glute, left vg, right vg, left quad, right quad. Works perfectly and blood work has improved!


I second that statement, “Fuck daily pinning!” It does keep testosterone levels more stable, gives you higher free testosterone, as witnessed by guys doing daily subQ TRT on another forum I’m on, and gives you less estrogen conversion and lower levels of estrogen as seen in blood work.


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