The myth of spot reducing fats

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Hi guys, as a group of people who continuously tries to lose weight, we all probably know that the last part where the fat gets stuck is at the lower back (love handles).

What’s your take in regards to spot-reducing body fat?

The body produces fat proportionally throughout the body. To us, it seems like it is unevenly distributed, only showing by the time we pay attention to a significant difference as well as in our view (which is conveniently in sight with our belly). That being said, spot-reducing body fat does not truly exist. See Yale study & findings

I agree spot reducing body fat in the normal sense of diet and exercise will not happen but I have seen personally that helios does spot reduce fat where you inj it. Im also completely believe that site inj is crap also and doesn’t work but helios does work with site inj and spot reduction with fat. Check it out

GP Helios

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I have to agree with you both @Bigmurph, @eternick170 that spot reducing is next to impossible. But the thing is there are still “hardcore” believers out there and you could search them on the web/youtube. I think media has brainwashed us bigtime in this sense.

@Bigmurph, checking that one out but I still prefer normal fat reducing. :slight_smile: thanks for the info!

Genetically, everybody holds fat in different places.
i don’t believe in spot reduction as well

Unfortunately, @Bigmurph, when reading a detailed description from a product page, I find it difficult to believe that they have stepped away from the financial aspect and given an elaborate unbiased conclusion. Now, if their page offered studies through research along with findings/conclusions, the organization may seem more credible.

We must first educate all of the old hardcore believers. Dang, this topics seems to be a motif throughout this website. Maybe we should open up a thread specifically for this theme…

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