The Research Station - STR selling bunk, fake products

The Research Station - STR selling bunk, fake products

So a video was forwarded to me about some guys on social media, I don’t know who the fuck they are. Never heard of them but they’re really fucking stupid to be selling things over Instagram and social media accounts. Further you have to be really fucking stupid to buy anything from someone like that.

Apparently “the research station” was selling steroids of some STR brand to people online. They knew their shit was bad and basically said fuck it and sold it people anyway. I read some of the comments and amazing how dumb asses are trying to justify saying its not that bad to inject yourself with bad gear etc… People saying the GSO was contaminated and spoiled etc.

Because of idiots like that is why places like this exist and push doing everything safely and correctly and why standards need to be in place for the suppliers out there.

Anyways just getting the word out in case you or anyone you know bought that stupid shit.



That’s fucking crazy. Should always do your do diligence

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People never cease to amaze me… this place and how it is run, I believe sets the bar for other forums and it’s great timing @TG for what @johnjuanb1 posted, motherfuckers need to use the brains they have and think things through, possibly see the bigger picture.


This shit disgusts me, how can some low life go outta there way to harm other individuals. If I would know how or where to start I would get a group of guys together to put these miserable fucks out of existence


It’s like “hey. I want to do roids! Let’s look for some on the internet randomly!!” Fucking amazes me. Back in the day it took you years to gain trust and to have a mentor tell you what’s up. Now people think it’s a magic pill or shot and they turn into Arnold… no one wants to work for shit anymore. Instant gratification… it was almost 3 years of me working out with my mentor before he even said try this. But at least there are sites going up helping people. And this site by far is the absolute best. Makes me want to find these fucksticks and beat them…


This is extremely disturbing that someone would do this knowingly because if you know people are going to get sick you’re on a level of serial killer stuff.
It really upsets me because even if you go out and get a roidtest and test your compound even if that comes back you still have to worry about heavy metals and all sorts of bad things can happen just Google pictures of injection infections.

Glad that they got outed scumbags


This is the only site I belong to in regards to all things strength, diet, and training.

I couldn’t imagine using any social media for making exchanges.


Yea this guy opens up a new account each day and always follows me I report all his accounts as illegal drug sales. Same thing with LWP that sponsors a lot of pros and they all post how LWP keeps them safe wtf are you guys dumb as fuck it’s illegal lol and he just got busted and was an informant. You don’t think he will give up all these pros lol. I’m sitting back and watching


Unsurprising right

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Which STR exactly cause I’m pinning STR and I want to know if it’s the exactly the same company.

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Omg that’s exactly what I was taking and it blow up my left ass chick never again?

Ha ha never again with a question mark


Maybe he wanted bigger glutes?


Some people are just sick in the head. And of course, it’ll make a major news network somewhere and AAS will be front and center making all the bad news. They need a beat down. Karma’s a bitch and I hope it hits sooner rather than later.

I ended up throwing all my stuff away can’t believe companies trying to fuck over there customers


Good move buddy

Fucking Morons!

Pardon the ignorance, but what does STR mean in this context?

Any communication between a site sponsor or source is strictly between the member and source directly. Please check the laws of your country before you order any of their products. The onus is on the buyer, and the sponsor nor will not be responsible in any way if you break the laws of where you live.