The right way to run a cycle

The right way to run a cycle

When you run a cycle first thing is you need to run some type of testosterone because all aas shuts down your system and you don’t want to go the minimum 8wks maximum 20wks on a cycle without any testosterone in your body. You will need a type of ai on hand such as arimidex,aromasin,and for those who run a gram or more of testosterone there is letro. You can also use proviron to control estro and it is wonderful because then you won’t have to take an ai because estrogen is actually a big part of building muscle. Then you will need a proper pct protocol which can be a simple nolvadex pct you can run a Clomid pct or a Clomid/nolvadex combo which is what I prefer either way you would run Clomid at 100 100 50 50 4wks nolva is ran at 40 40 20 20 4wks you can go longer ig needed.
There is also hcg which is highly debated but the most popular 2 ways of using it are the wks between your last shot and your pct you can blast high amounts every 5 days.
The way I prefer is to run hcg at 250iu-500iu
A wk for 8 wks up to the start of your pct this will stimulate your system so it will be like it stayed on the whole time you were on cycle making it an easier pct for your body to regain the proper levels which is your goal after running your pct. You should always wait the length of your cycle and pct before you run another meaning if you run a 12 wk cycle plus your 2wks until pct then 4 wks on pct thats 18 wks so you should wait 18wks in between cycles to let your body fully recover.
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