The titan member log

The titan member log

The Titan here, IFBB Pro.

It is sincerely a privilege to begin the first of many posts on behalf of Iron Goat Labs. From the first pin I was hooked and knew this company was the real deal. It is only fair to now give back what Iron Goat has done and continues to do for me. I will be covering everything from diet, training, supplements, & whatever you guys want to know.

I have been in this game since my hands felt the their first grip on my fathers chin up bar placed above my bedroom door for my 15th birthday.

I have had a very select few of suppliers in my lifetime. My motto has always been “find someone you can trust and keep that relationship solid”, as in this game… the amount of fake, altered and under dosed vials outnumber the few diamond in the ruffs that are the real deal.

As years progressed, and as I moved up in the ranks to finally obtain my pro card the gear got even worse ! My number 1 literally moved to Asia. Than, after three more years of a solid connect he settled down and left the game to start a family. I honestly did not think I would find a source like the other two ever again. I test every product at a University Lab before I even think about putting it into my body and unlike Big Pharma that allows a 20 percent various on either side (less or more potent GO FDA right) Iron Goat is and has been on point every time.

Not only are the doses accurate, the customer service is amazing, shipping goes through without a hiccup, and this stuff has literally helped me gain the edge to be a 34 year old pro still knocking out the newbies on stage. Nothing will replace diet, training, sleep and discipline but if you want win at my level you must use gear and it has to be tried and true. My bloodwork has never been whack, pre during and post and I just know every pin does the trick because my levels are always what they need to be, so much in fact, my endocrinologist tells me every month… “whatever your using…I would stick with it”.

I keep things fairly simple, use as little as possible to get the results I want and am a classic 90’s lifter. Sarms… Designers, et al… not my thing. I know what works for my body and RESPECT the gear. Before I go any further please understand that gear is a personal choice, It should never be used too young and can bite you in the ass if you are not careful. Lets get started.

Current Stats - 5 foot 7, 250-260 In the the off season, 230-235 on stage. I stay lean all year long and go for quality muscle over bloat. Definition is key to winning.

Right now I sit at 245 after a major car accident and am looking to put on a solid 20 pounds this off season (a bit heavier than I have ever been) and start my first pin tom.

Current Cycle - Test prop 200 mg per week 20 weeks
NPP 300 - 450 mg per week ( I start low at first and only go up if needed) 12 Weeks
Anadrol 50 mg ED 4 weeks max
EQ 600 mg per week t16 weeks

Caber, Arimedex On Hand

Tom I will post bloodwork, my diet, training routine, a more in depth view on why I use what I use and why Irongoat stands out. I welcome any questions. I am here to help!

I cannot wait to share my progress with the board, offer any guidance to this great sport, and most of all promote a brand I truly believe in.

Much Love.

The Titan, IFBB Pro


Do you do open comps? Also. How do you like running npp higher than test? Welcome to the community brother I’m training now and thinking more and more on competing. I’m trying to work towards classic but we will see. Hope to be there in a yr, or yr and a half.

Welcome aboard! Great to have you on the site.

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Welcome to the board

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Yeah Bro, open division. Believe me brother, I sometimes wish I was born for Classic. I respect the heck out of those guys and they are so aesthetically pleasing…they are true competitors.

My body is simply too big, has been sculpted for open over the years and once you hit a certain point with your physique there is no going back.

Yes, I make much more than classic but we do this not just for money, more so for the love of the sport or you dont last.

Everyone is diff…high test, low test, mixed with a variant dosage of another derivative. For me and most guys I know we keep test low ( funny because 200 mg of test aint low (its really just what your body needs to function and a trt dose to keep your body balanced and functioning normally. The derivative and or second substance such as npp will than be the main thing your body uses for gains and here the key.
LESS SIDES THIS WAY yes, low test, less sides.

I know guys who run 1 to 3000 mg of test a week and they get the same results as my 200 lol but more sides. To each his own but honestly…either way, anything over 1 g of test a week is going to cause more harm than good.

Also ( and this is another topic for the short future) but the ester plays a key as well. I use prop, less bloat and I can play with the dosage if need be as even If i go to high its in and out of my system and its a stronger punch rather than a long ester that may require a higher dosage depending on yoiur body and metabolism.

Irongoats prop causes NO PIP what so ever, shows more receptive on bloodwork than any prop I have ever used and is at such a good price I dont know how they can afford to produce it lol at such good quality.

classic a ? is a year a realistic time frame? What is your history and stats? I know genetic gifts that train two years and are ready and than some others that take years… regardless, mad props and im here to help get you there bro.

Anyways, its 4 AM, the wife has my first meal going before I hit my first work out and I need to PIn my first dose in my unorthodox 5cc syringe lol, take my favorite oral of all time (anadrol pre workout is amazing), get my ass back to bed for a two hour nap and take the newborn to costco for more diapers lol. You know its true love when your partner supports you enough to go through all of this game with you :slight_smile:

Much love

The Titan, IFBB Pro


welcome bro glad to have you

Welcome to UG Muscle good to have you with us :+1:

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A lot of people always think you have to run the test high, but I don’t think that’s so much true.
I think as you get more and more into it, you have to try different things and figure out what works best for you. I’ve ran the 500mg of test, 500 mg of NPP and 500mg of Mast e stack, I did not feel/look any different when I ran 300 of each. I look way (and feel) much better on running 300 test prop, 300 mast p, 300 tren a than I ever did running higher numbers… (shout out to @PHD for helping me find the perfect stack for my goals)

less is more is my philosophy… (i stole that from someone, ha)

Looking forward to hearing more from you @thetitan


Hahahaha yes sir good quote


Welcome and great introduction!

Welcome to the club! Love getting new insights from this group!

Guys, Please Please Please take advantage of this promo offer. Rule of thumb, always get your PCT with your order. Do not wait until later… I use too as a newbie and well… you get lazy and before you know it your bloodwork sinks and your loosing your gains and at serious health risks.

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Less is more ! Correct. Amen… Finally.

You want the least MOST effective does. More is not better. Especially with all the new gear out now a days,. heck back when I started we had like primo tabs, deca and test lol. We took what we could get.

Take Tren for example.

When I use Tren, VERY rare, and only during contest prep people freak when I says I use 200 mg. That’s right, 200 mg. You want to stay in the game for as long as possible and keep your receptors fresh. Oversaturating them with more gear is not the way to go. Remember, Gear is only one card to play, one part of the equation. NOTHING will replace Diet, Training and Sleep.

It kills me when I see guys using so much gear, and really substituting that for eating right et al. The gains come, but not nearly as well as training, eating and sleep on top of the right dose of gear. They are killing their bodies and NOT getting the right results. They don’t have the solid foundation and no HCG nor proper PCT will help you keep your gains without that solid muscular development.

What is the right does? Just like you said… depends on the person and an even does of each substance works for many. A low does of Solid Test and higher derivative IMO works best but again, to each is own. The biggest thing you need to take out of this is don’t over do it, learn your body and that takes TIME.

If you do not have at least 4 or 5 solid cycles under your belt you should not be using more than 2 compounds. I went so Far with test and Anadrol and than Test and winny as a poor man working my way up in the industry.


That sounds like great advice but let’s be honest dudes want to do big things quickly, and most people, pros or not are not gonna stop people from cycling. So advice all you want, but most don’t live by it.

There’s to many options, and to many choices that come easy and quick, like our society provides, the present moment is almost nonexistent.

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I don’t remember telling anyone to stop cycling :slight_smile: Just Cycle Smart. I know plenty of guys, that place top 10 in major shows, that are still around in their 40’s because they cycle smart. I do however, know plenty of guys, that place in the 10 ten in major shows that abuse the crap out of gear and cant get it up, have no family and their insides are rotting… so I guess… whatever works ! If I can help a few newbies, even old timers out than I sleep better at night. I love gear, I just respect it.

So why IronGoat EQ? Well, I love using it along side short esters for many reasons. The dosage is always on point. There is NO pip. Many other brands have caused me anxiety at first for a weeks weeks unlike Goats, and although it shuts me down LIKE every other gear other than 5 mg of Anavar lol, I always bounce back quicker. EQ gives insane endurance which is something I have always struggled with and need. Not for running a marathon, POSING MAN… that shit drains you, if your lean it will def give you that nice spartan look, vascularity is unmatched and it causes no bloat for a long ester which is rare.

Say I wanted to switch a few things around or bridge into a few diff compounds…its perfect as it stays in your system forever which normally I would hate (I love short esters) but EQ is rare in that the sides are so low I want it in my system forever. Furthermore, you really cant "feel it working until about week 7 (although Goats starts at about week 5 for me) so mentally, I push myself harder and almost force myself to go “get that extra set it, earn it and soon the EQ will truly shine”.

People that say EQ doesn’t work don’t respect gear and are usually the 1000 mg a week tren guys". Nothing wrong with them, I just like my sleep, hate doing 50 loads of laundry a week due to extreme sweat and don’t like shouting at people for no reason.

If its your first time, a low does of Test and say 600 mg a week of EQ is perfect. JOHN FOR YOU, add in turnibol :slight_smile: and you have a very clean but productive cycle.

I actually haven’t used EQ in a while, and after my first pin with this cycle I am SOOOO looking forward to the weeks to come when the veins start to show… when that happens…you know your in the sweat spot.

For this cycle I keep it simple training wise. I don’t use high tech electrodes on my muscles (Brad Rowe you know I love you and shit… it def works for you man but I still beat you that last show:) ) I do not train more than one body part a week and I most def stick to compound movements that are tried and true. Now a days, because I have the foundation I do use machines (NOTHING WRONG with that, if you have a solid foundation) but I still hit the big three every week … Squats, dead lifts and bench in some shape or form.

How much time in the gym? 45 Min to an hour and im out. Today was back day.

Wide Grip weighted pullups. Ben Over Rows, T Bar Rows, close grip chins. Barbell Pull Overs, close grip rows and called it a day.

Goats Anadrol has already started its effect. The pump has started to increase, nothing insane yet but its about to happen soon. I am coming off a long off period, my receptors are really clean so yes, boners have already sprung up like a 15 year old from the test. NPP will start at about day 10 for effects, I literally need blood draws monthly from the stuff.

About to read the little one a story before I hit the sack. Stay tuned.

Ive heard a lot of chatter about IronGoats site going down today. Shit Happens… the guy still emailed me to let me know he was available and the ship was open through email white IT gets it back up. The company supplies gear, the owner makes great shit, he dosent work for apple. Everything is up and running now. Take advantage of the promo. Again…customer service was STILL there and if your a repeat client the company reaches out to you !


Sorry guys, just got back from a 15 hour photo shoot. Will someone advise me on how to upload my bloodwork for you guys? lol. Im going to get in a huge sleep and than get this thread going again like wild fire.

In short, NPP has already started to take effect. My pumps are insane and lasted all day from the shoot (THANK YOU IRONGOAT), the Anadrol has not given me bloat whatsoever which is rare… but not from Iron lol, I am up 5 pounds of lean muscle and have dropped 1 point in bodyfat. Later will be my favorite… leg day. I feel AMAZING, my wife loves the added benefits of libido… :slight_smile: so again, everyone with the “deca dick theory is wrong as long as you have a base of test” and I am so pleased that still, no PIP from anything.

Lab results came in from the NPP and we are literally at 159 mg per pin :slight_smile:
MORE SOON sleep time


Im about 19 Days in, and despite loosing two family members, the second to H as a result from the first going, I have to say three things.

  1. People hate on us for gear when scripts flood our society daily, leading to harder garbage and death. Im not getting into this much further but I am dedicating 50 percent of my next show (the Arnold Classic) to a foundation to keep kids away from the garbage and put them in the gym after school. If I can even save one person, Ive done my job.

  2. The Gym has been the only thing keeping me going throughout this horrid experience. My wife and beautiful baby boy have been there no matter what but without the gym, I just would not be sitting here right now mentally. The weights are always there, the mind/ muscle contraction has been my therapy and I would be in a very different place without those blessed weights.

  3. IronGoat has been nothing but supportive. The guy literally has sent several emails checking up on me, even when I vanished out of thin air. I was given the benefit of the doubt, and instead of where did you go it was “what can I do to help you”. That’s more than customer service, that’s a brother, that is trust and for that Iron my brother… I am in your debt. The guy cares. Treat him with respect and you have more than a reliable source for life you have TRUST. In this industry, that is almost as rare as a guy that has never done Tren.

After about 19 days I sit at 258 give or take a pound. I have gone from 9 percent BF due to the car accident to 7.34. I am pleased to say the least, especially since I have missed one workout on average per week and my caloric intake has only been about 90 percent of what it should be. Don’t get me wrong, my diet is more in point than half my competitors, my training is more intense than half the new guys getting pro cards and my sleep is still 7 hours (using melatonin and meditation as a sleep aid (laughed when the doc tried to put me on every sleeping med / anxiety med known to man. To each his own, I know pharmacology well, kind of have to if you want to be in the game and there is no way I am loading me sensors with anything ending in pam. I have a family, there’s no room to be strung out. Lets be honest though… Gear has also played a huge card in this, and again, without the above, you just watch your little guys shrink for no reason, but this is by far one of the best cycles I have ever done and I owe that to Iron.

I am literally scheduled for a blood draw tom because the NPP has caused such a dominating effect, I cannot even bend my arms right now to properly tie a tie (thank god for wifey). Goats NPP is so freaking superior im getting so strong, and gaining so much mass, I am now pulsing the Anadrol instead of taking it every day.

Pulsing was created for infants as a way to medicate them in the hospital without overloading there small organs. You can actually dose higher following an every other day schedule and reap the benefits without killing your liver. I will prob do one more week of pulsing the Anadrol and call it quits as it is only mean for a kickstart and boy its done its job.

So Yes, NPP has had a vital role in my lean bulk, my abs are still in tact, bf down, and my strength is through the roof. I am now using mostly machines because I don’t want to blow a tendon or pull anything especially coming off a car accident.

Goats Anadrol is far superior, barley any bloat, and although my liver values have raised, they are stull under my threshold which is no more than 2 times the normal value. This means that both AST is only at 47 and ALT 60, not bad for a bad ass oral.

The EQ has started to show some vascularity, endurance, and I still have a few weeks before it truly shines but I promise… its worth it. Fast walks are a breeze. I can keep up with my German Shepherd again which is almost all my cardio ever is and I just love the stuff. Irons, along with his T prop is so pure I have not had one bad injection and yes, we all get them.

My Creatinine levels are steady at .60 and even my cholesterol is 115.

What supplements do I take to help keep these levels in check? Well the biggest is eating healthy and staying in shape. I still go to five guys a few times a week but if you eat well, (avocados, salmon, kale, yams, ) your body kind of takes care of itself. Milk thistle and 2 gallons of water is really all I take on top of that. I have had gear in the past where I have had to add in other stuff but the goats… nope, never.

BP. steady at 118-122 over low 80s.

Again, the right diet, the right source, the right lifestyle, constant blood work to monitor and adjust if need be and things take care of themselves.

Libido is through the roof, my wife hides :slight_smile: so I don’t want to hear anything about NPP/Deca problems. If you add enough test to keep your body functioning normal there should not be any issues.

Today was leg day.

Free Motion Squats. Front Squats, Walking Lunges, straight leg deads, extentions. standing curls, and my favorite… finishing it off until you literally puke leg press.

Until tom my friends.

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