The world is way different

I know lots of people on here are in all different parts of the world so I was wondering how many of us are out of our routine as far as our gyms supplement stores and favorite places to eat…I ask because we all know the news gives it’s own spin. What’s it like where you are? :thinking:


Places around me have closed up early and some have even closed completely for a few weeks. Some people losing theirs jobs cause the business doesn’t want to pay you if they aren’t making any money. Fuel prices have come down :ok_hand:. All my restaurants I enjoyed have went to carry out only, so not too bad on that.
I’m in Florida.


I’m in Illinois. Pritzker will find a way to tax us for staying at home. He’s a fat worthless fuck and I hope he chokes on a cock. All my places have delivery. I made a prison gym buying shit off let go. I am working from home. So there is that. In two weeks I’m breaking in my gym. Fuck this. I was planning my cycle starting in April. But I am going to push this out month. It’s fucking stupid. Oh. Today, I actually bought a 12 pack of Charmin. My hineys clean. It’s Charmin clean… :joy:


I’m in WV, it’s pretty much a shit show here in a good year, but it’s about the same, I’m working a temp job, which I was lucky to get, gyms and most “non-essential” stores closed, foods take out only, my little towns pretty awesome though, we have great folks in my neighborhood! I don’t think we’ll have quite as many cases as the rest of nation because no one comes here unless they have too! I went and got a really basic gym setup the first day we started to shut down, so I’m making it work!


Gym hasn’t closed and neither has work. I work lumber at a lowes for now. In fact work is busier and I don’t really eat out so no affect for me there


On lockdown till after easter at least. Gyms and everywhere closed except grocery stores and pharmacy, and medical. Some food places will still deliver now or have drive thru open. Little by little they are allowing some places back open. But its up to the business whether not they reopen yet.

I have all I need for a good workout in my home gym room. Biggest issue for me is diet. I can’t keep on what I like because of food availability. Gotta grab what I can when I can. I used to buy food fresh every day or other day. Can’t find shit there now often.

No more shortages of other things except fresh meat like chicken and steak.


Currently working from home and will be for a few more weeks. Everything is supposed to be shut down but I don’t see any real difference except schools are closed in some areas. People are out doing what they do - feels like a Sunday every day really.

I put a gym together over the years in the garage- 350#s of plates, KBs up to 70#, some lighter DBs, a few medicine balls, a 100# sandbag, and a pull up/squat rack get it done. Can’t lift very heavy but can hammer reps.

Our freezer is stocked with salmon, elk, and venison. Benefits of a successful year in the field- produce is a bitch to keep stocked currently.

I’m all for this- I already “social distance” as much as possible. Now I don’t seem like a dick when I tell people I don’t want to be around them!!


Our council voted just last night to close all non-essential establishments.
So now all the gyms are closed, except for one, because it’s just out of city limits and the ordinances can’t be enforced. Luckily I got a membership before they stopped taking in new people.

Food is a whole ‘nother story. People in my town are such fucking sheep. TP is gone, chicken is gone, egg whites are gone, tough finding anything fresh because those dumb fucks bought it all.

And I’m in Midwest in town of 70k people…


Wisconsin here, all non-essential businesses closed. Restraunts take-out or delivery only.
I still have access to my gym thankfully as it’s not a chain gym and I know the owner of the building who also lifts. He gave the gym a break on rent to move in so he had a place to lift!
I work for the postal service so essential and it’s business as usual. Seen an uptick in packages coming through, locally no shortage in meats, I raise my own chickens so eggs are in good supply, calling for more snow this weekend, which sucks arse!
Closest town to me is about 300 people, then about 30 min away where I work it’s about 8k, there are a few cases but so far not wide spread. All came from the idiots who decided they just had to travel to Milwaukee, or other trips.
Thankfully the largest city near me is Minneapolis and that’s a good 4hrs away.


I see were probably heading for some martial law quarantined situations in new England states and looks like Florida to. Just heard they are stopping people at the Florida line…


That’s some fucked up shit right there.


The National Guard conducted door-to-door checks with Rhode Island police to track down New Yorkers traveling into the state

Members of the National Guard stand as New York Gov Andrew Cuomo gives a daily coronavirus press conference in front of media and National Guard members at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, which is being turned into a hospital to help fight coronavirus cases on March 27, 2020 in New York City.

Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images

  • The National Guard in Rhode Island is assisting police with monitoring anyone who has traveled from New York into the state to enforce self-isolation orders.
  • Members of the National Guard conducted house-to-house searches with police on Saturday to seek out those who have recently been in New York, which has emerged as the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the US.
  • State police in Rhode Island have also begun pulling over cars with New York registrations traveling on I-95 and advising them to self-quarantine in accordance with the order.
  • The measures have triggered criticism from civil-liberties advocates, who have accused Rhode Island officials of violating people’s Fourth Amendment rights.
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Iowa here. The governor has shut everything down except grocery stores and gas stations until April 7th. You can still get carry out food from most restaurants and carry out liquor too, but we can’t go work out. She keeps saying there will be no Shelter In Place order, but our cases rise daily… we’ll see. For now I’m still working, even with shelter in place I will be considered essential seeing as how I’m an industrial pipe fitter. I work on boilers, chillers, cooling towers, HVAC-R systems, steam turbines, etc.

I’ve read some real messed up stories, family members not being able to see their wives when their dying, kids isolated from parents, would be a cold day in hell anyone is keeping me from my kids, no way they would battle this alone, we have to remember we are people first,family first, quarantine me after, but I’m not leaving my kid alone in a room and face timing them when you may never see them alive again. I’d take out a whole wing of a hospital to pull them out of there.
Just my 2 cents, but you don’t keep a man from his family, it’s just not done.


It really sucks. We hear a lot more stories here in Europe that have been happening for awhile. But no one in other countries like UK and US wanted to listen and made excuses. Now UK is considering quarantine off and on for a year.

But the problems with a lot of the younger healthier people is because of viral load. Exposure to too many people infected for a longer time and their body can’t build the immunity to stop it all.

Here’s a tweet from the NY city chair board of health telling people to defy go out to chinatown and defy the “scare” of corona virus on Feb 9.

Heres a vid of Pelosi doing the same thing. During this time Trump already stopped flights with China, Russia had closed off its borders with China and were already quarantining people. Other countries were preparing. Asian places like South Korea, Taiwan and others were all wearing masks and in lockdown.

Media pushed it in US as just the flu. As did a lot of politicians.

Now because of Politics and Political “correctness” people are suffering more then they should have.

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My uncle recently passed. He was in a nursing home. We were told he was in his final days. No one could visit. He died alone. Funeral was cremation only. Only 10 closest family could attend the funeral. I watched from my cousins phone. No celebration of life due to the state stance on gatherings. We are hoping to do it this summer. What bothers me the most was being notified and then told not to visit. WTF is wrong with people. Just sucks. He was a great man. Farmer. Worked 1000 acre farm and raised cattle/hogs. I worked out there every summer with him until I joined the Corps…


No one should have to die alone, this man gave so much to his family, worked, paid taxes, lived a full life and was made to be alone in his last moments. That’s the shit that bothers me.
Sorry for your loss man, farmers are a great bunch and a true backbone to this country.


@TBU your uncle sounds like a great man, I’m sorry for your loss sir!


@TBU sounds like a helluva man sorry bro

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Thanks. I still get water works when I think about it. Sucks getting old. He farmed till he was 72.

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