The year of the Comeback!

As some of you know from my other post, diary of a middle aged fat broken man, I’m a forced to retire power lifter suffering severe Osteo arthritis in my left hip (not just my left hip, that just happened to be the worst). Not quite a year ago, I had Total Hip Replacement, it went amazingly and I’m happy to say that after 5 years of suffering some pretty brutal pain in my hip and low back I am almost 100% pain free. (Exception being some very old injuries that will always nag me, right shoulder and right knee). I’ve been back to training for 10 months now, was able to run one cycle of 10/20 life, an offseason program centered around steady strength gains, and even though I re injured my shoulder, I’ve been able to bring my deadlift almost back to something worth bragging about. That being said, I would like to name this year the year of the COMEBACK! tonight was day 1 of an offseason program that runs 4 weeks with a 5th deload week. I will be running this program 3 times, with one test week between each start so I can adjust numbers. After this 18 weeks total, I will be running a 14 week block periodization program with two intensification stages separated by a volume stage… this will put me approximately 32 weeks into the year. At this point I will be finding a meet and competing again! most likely push/pull since I have limited myself to box squats only in an effort to carry over to deadlift. The goal is a 900+ pound total between bench and deadlift competing in the 220 weight class. This is where I will post my logs for all training, and I will post everything. Eventually I’ll post pictures, and even a few training videos.

I’m not sure if it’s possible, but I’d like to figure out how to link my other post to this one, maybe one of the mods could help??


Day 1, week 1, Deadlifts. Tonight was 3x5 at 70%, with an AMRAP set at 70% as well. My three working sets felt pretty shitty, but I was able to get them, however the AMRAP was strong. I hit 8 reps and probably could’ve got 10 if I had been able to reset after the 8th rep. All in all, I was pretty pleased with day 1

Hopefully if I post this it will work??


It works cool little chart too keep track

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Nice work brother. You’ll be where you want to be in no time. And hopefully no more injuries.

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@JB_rD81 get after it brother!

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Get after it brother! Excited to follow along with you.

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Trained bench tonight, shoulder/biceps tendon are still bothering me a little so I’m going to stay fairly conservative this month. I put a mixture of Blue Heat and Hot Pink all over my right pec, shoulder biceps and elbow… everything warmed up NICELY! Warmed up with Face Pulls, first few sets of bench were rough, but the working sets and AMRAP went fine.


I’m really tempted to get back on the bench cause I want to see the numbers but going to wait a few more weeks


I’m going to force mine by getting back on NPP. Was going to run EQ, but that fell through, gots plenty of NPP tho

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Npp is a great compound you can go big of big and lean just adjust your diet.

You shouldn’t use it for masking an injury though lol wtf lol

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My diet is fucking terrible, the older I get, and now that we have a grandson… Jesus Christ, I keep saying I’m going to tighten my diet, then next thing you know I have a 2 year old feeding me chocolate doughnuts and little debbies… FML. Maybe I just need to cheat and use clen and T3… ive never used it, watched my wife use it during prep a lot, looked like hell. I used DNP back in college just to see
what it was like, that was fucking hell too


I’m on t3 just to help me process all the food I’m eating and love me some clen

There’s no out working or out drugging a shitty diet. No question you need to get that reeled in. If you’re a clen guy, look into salbutamol, much healthier.


Squat day today, however since I’m only using squats as a carry over for deadlifts, It was box squats day. I squatted to an 18” box, which is about 1” higher than parallel for me, all in all everything felt good, working sets were only 195. Right knee was a little tight, but the mixture of blue heat and hot pink worked wonders, especially once I got my sleeves on!

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How much? Could be why the gain train has slowed.

I like resistance band training especially on squats and deadlift, Built my squat up fast from 565 to 615 in about 3 months.

@squatter, I used to incorporate bands and chains a lot in all three lifts. Eventually I probably will again, as I know they are great tools for building strength, however I’ll probably wait until I start incorporating speed work. My squat will never be what it was pre hip surgery, so as long as what I do can carry over to DL’s, I’ll be happy.

@JB_rD81 Hey I got a pin in my hip so I get it, fractured my hip in football. So we are in the same boat, fractured it 3 years ago. Much better now though. Best of luck.

Sleeves! Yes! Don’t hit the gym without them!! I’m an iceehot under my sleeves guy.

That’s some funny stuff brother! Been there hard to resist cuz they’re so darn cute!

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