This blend would be great for cutting

This blend would be great for cutting

I may have to give this a try very soon myself

test prop 150mg x100= 15000= 15g
tren ace 100mg x100= 10000= 10g
mast 75mg x100= 7500=7.5 g
winny 50mg x 100= 5000=5 g

total mg/ml 375mg/ml

ok to figure out the grams for each you need to know the total ml you are going to make, here we are doing 100ml conversion
as shown above it.
now add the 4 amounts together and you get 37.5g total take that and multiply it by .85 which is amount of powder weight

so 37.5 x .85= 31.875 you can round up to 32 ml. this is how much room the powder will take up
now we need to figure out the ba/bb in % and ml which are the same thing

ok to fiugre out this you have to multiply each by the total volumn which is 100
so the BA is .02x100=2%/ml and the BB is .2x100=20%/ml

so with the displacement and the BA/BB we need to subtract form 100 to get the amount of oil/EO

100(v)-32(d)-2(ba)-20(bb)= 46ml of carrier


Nice work MM didnt know you were a chemistry major!!!

We should change his name to Heisenberg.
Got some breaking bad going on lol

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Lmao that show is so good.

Hell yeah Bigmurph i fkn love that show and i love MM! One of the best dudes in the biz! Guy does all he can for our community plus hes a top notch gentleman with a hell of a resume of sponsors he has repped for! I have nothing but the utmost respect for my brother Mountain-man :wink:

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Would love to see how this works out. I would assume there would be some guiaicol and/or carriers far more superior than gso for this one considering the winny being in the mix.

That’s by far been the biggest thorn in my side is working with winny in oil. I even use Migylol 840 as my carrier and it still wants to be difficult when brewing in bulk at 50mg/mL.

My usual cut mix is 50 mg test pp, 100 mg tren Ace and 75 mg mast p and then I have to do the winny separate to get it to hold so if you could let me know what your findings were on this I’d be very grateful.

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