This dude is a beast. Half ton squat for 3

I’ve never heard of this dude but he just (off the record cause everything is shut down) became the first person ever to squat and deadlift 1000lbs for reps. Here’s the article with vids.


I don’t know about those videos bro? Those look fake!

I dont know what looks fake about them. He’s holding on to the bar at the end to keep from falling over. I googled him since I never heard of him. He is a savage. Check out his website.

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That’s no surprise out of Chris. When I was still competing, I think back in 2015, he was the first 220 lb lifter to squat 4x body weight, 882 lbs was the official weight, and it was legit. He is by far one of the strongest 220 lb lifters in the world. His training is a little extreme, but obviously it works!

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I’ll be that guy. Depth

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The fucking bar looked ready to snap holy shit

Never in my life will I come close to 1k lbs. don’t even think I’ll hit 600lbs.


I watched the video again a couple times and checked out his site. The bar he is using is a curved bar, it’s not a straight bar, and doesn’t flex or bend at all, which I would expect to see at such high weight. He doesn’t appear to strain nearly as much as other power lifters do at such high weight. Also there are 8 plates per side, which is 765, not 1000. I’m not at all trying to be dick or argumentative, I’m just skeptical of what I saw.

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Sooooooo… I’ve ended up watching a bunch of his videos today! Not only do I now think this lift is 100% legit, but I also really like this guy and a lot of his videos! This guy is in fact a beast… and I am in fact an asshole!


Those are Kilogram plates my friend… used in just about every sanctioned powerlifting federation… That bar is a Buffalo Bar, they’re amazing to squat with, just like a cambered squat bar, it puts the weight in different positions and puts the strain in different spots of the motion.

Are they 25kg/55lb plates?

More than likely which puts the weight at 880 just from plates, if the bar on his back is his version of the buffalo bar, aptly named the “duffalo” bar it’s a 55 lb unloaded bar, putting us to 935 lbs. it would be nice if you could see through his side spots to see if there’s anything on on the end of the bar after the plates or even a set of yellow 15 kilo plates… with the collars that would put you to 1001.

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I wasn’t try to argue either just was wondering so I could go back amd watch for it. He did push that so easy I had to watch it a couple times then I saw him halfway ready to pass out at the end and figured it was legit. Once I checked his website I was confident about it. He squatted 800 ED for 30 days. That is crazy.

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Yeah I thought it was fake until saw his other videos! He’s got a lot of good info/videos between his site and YouTube!

His deadlift videos are good too!

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