This forum is unreal

This forum is unreal

On every other forum there are ass holes, and unhelpful people. I really in the week or so that I’ve been poking around can’t believe that there is no trolling or unnecessary bashing on this forum.

I’m happy to have found this forum, its definitely motivational to read over the threads and interactions of fellow lifters.


Yes this forum is the best.
People are helpful and you really can’t ask for more.


For sure man, this forum is a goldmine of helpful people and information. I was amazed when I first found it too. Welcome!


This is family here bro, nobody on this forum wants to see anyone get hurt due to misinformation. Alot of other forums tend to just throw out bro science, I can tell you this for me at least 95% my posts are from personal experiences. And nobody here on UGM should be afraid to ask questions because they feel like they might get flamed, that’s a no go here my friend. We encourage any and all questions.


I’ve ordered 2x from srx on another forum and your brand is the most attentive on there as well, with a fast t/a I’ll probably be ordering some Godzilla this week from you

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True this site runs with true professionalism,

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Thank you I appreciate being apart of it every other forum is filled with trolls exit scams and run around so this is refreshing

That godzilla stuff is no joke man, be warned :grin:



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hey bro , how do you feel about the Godzilla

I used something similar by a source named dexter in the past and I felt like Zeus

I tried a similar formula from a different source and felt godly running it


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Thank you happy to be apart of this site

Yes people on here are kind. Boy i see people getting lit up :fire::fire::fire::see_no_evil::grin: on other forums. Especially about not having there diet in check talking about what drugs cut.

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Were glad to have you at ugmuscle
We welcome everyone but those that can’t act like adults we respectfully show them the door.

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