Thoughts on blasting then cruising? And how long of a break from AAS?

Curious and need help/advice
I’m 23 I workout Monday-Sunday
I weigh 165 I’m 5’6
I got my diet and training on check.
Last cycle was in February so I’m taking a break.


I’m a little confused? Do you cycle or on TRT? If on TRT how long?

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Yes I cycle and no I’m not on TRT I’ve cycled trt for 6 months straight in the past but at the moment I’m taking a break

I did my pct and it’s been a week since I finished my pct but I was wondering how long would be a good break time to take off AAS tbh I don’t want to go too long of a break.

At 23… If you weren’t low before hand, and you PCT properly there shouldn’t be a whole lot of reason for you to cruise. You should recover.

At 23 I probably wouldn’t have started using gear anyway. You’ve got a few years of solid gains left with proper diet.

We’re your numbers low pre cycle?

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This is confusing.

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Yes before I ever cycled I weighed 145 and when I started I gained 10 pounds on only trt then I did a trt and EQ plus mast cycle and I gained another 20 pounds and at the end of my cycle I weighed 175 but now that it’s been a month that I’ve been taking a break I dropped 5 pounds 2 weeks ago and now another 5 pounds last week
So I’m at 165 now but my strength is somewhat still the same as when I was cycling.

I’m sorry what am I confusing you about?
If you tell me I’ll clear this up my bad

I’m not taking anything at the moment I’m taking a break from AAS and letting my body cool down.
I have noticed that I’ve gotten bloated only on my stomach but everything else is good.

I think we’re getting confused by you saying cycled TRT. TRT is usually a for life kind of thing. I think you just meant low dose/cruise

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Oh no I meant I’ve cycled test before. But no I don’t need trt.

Get lab work and go from there. If you were in test that long you may have a harder time restarting your natural production.

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Is there anything you can recommend for the bloat feeling in the stomach? To like get rid of the feeling and look of being bloated in the stomach area.

That’s gonna play more into diet than anything


So when you normally do a 12 or 16 week cycle your time off is cycle time plus PCT. So roughly 20 weeks. But where you had gone on longer, I cant comment how long exactly you’ll need to fully recover. Blood work would be a great place to start like @NeuroRN suggested. Do you know what your test levels were before you started?

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What foods help with bloating?

It’s going to be difficult to know when if ever your test will be normal if you don’t know where you started from

Could be food. Maybe get some digestive enzymes.

You shouldn’t be losing that much weight that fast, unless your diet isn’t as in check as you think.

What are your macros?

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What should I get for digestive enzymes? What supplement or food?

I eat 3000 calories a day I consume 150/160 grams of protein per day.
My carbs are low I consume about 200/300 a day.
I take protein and preworkout
The pre I take is Lit by BeyondRaw

I’m not really losing strength nor weight in fact my body kept most of it.

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