Thoughts on DHB? I’ve no idea

Thoughts on DHB? I’ve no idea

Hey guys, just wondering who has ever used DHB and what you thought vs similar gear. I’m a big primo fan and have read it’s similar
Thanks in advance

DHB is my favorite compound! To me it reminds me of tren without all the negative side effects. I have not run primo so I can not compare it to that.

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Ok great. I love Tren but it does not love me. So may give it a try. I love primo ran it for 16 weeks with test c , NPP and never looked better in my life

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Same man, I can not run tren, it messes me up too bad

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What do you like to stack with that?

My favorite is test, DHB, and superdrol

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That’s a good read

That’s an even better read

Thanks @Bigmurph I did read the later article . Wondering what would be good to stack with that ? Still a bit confusing to me. I was thinking test C and may NPP

That was my plan and I honestly couldn’t keep going with the dhb to much of a bite for me I believe that you can honestly run it very low and get great results I believe that possibly trying to run it in high mg is the problem. Its origin was to be an oral so when I try it again im going to micro dose it every day and see if that can help.

Was thinking maybe start at 75mg eod see how the pip is

Its rough but I was thinking something like 25mg ed maybe even less 1 testosterone is a really strong oral so as an inj with a cyp ester attached should give it the ability to do big things at low doses

Wow yeah that should be interesting. I’m interested to hear @PHD thoughts on this also. Always lots of great advice here

Here’s my thought on dhb! Dhb is very popular among the younger crowd. I’m old school I remember when dhb (1 test I believe it was called) was sold over the counter of course it was legit and strong (not a steroid but strong) was it was pulled of course.

Some where along the way someone attached the cyp Ester to it making it injectable (I could be wrong so hope Murphy doesn’t arrest me or threaten me again :joy::joy:) to me it’s just a designer drug I doubt I’d ever use it as I like to stick with the basics that work for me (not saying it doesn’t work I have no clue as I’ve never used it)

There has been many discussions about this in the past. This is just my opinion. I’d be interested to see how it works though take before and after pics and stats. I do know one pro on it and he loves it but he abuses stuff so he’s not one I’d listen to. Just food for thought. Also I think someone said it less is more start small.

And that is the rest of the story :joy::joy::joy:


Solid advice. I may give it a try late winter. I’m off now In prep for shoulder surgery. How long do you guys take between cycles? I took 1 month after a 16 week did som PCT then just finished a 10 week about to start PCT again. Thoughts on down time?

I think DHB is a very promising and versatile compound. Lots of very lean gains and great strength. It doesn’t hit you like tren, but it comes with much fewer sides.

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Have you gotten any feedback on dosage?

I had almost no pip on the DHB I ran

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How many migs?

100mg per ml

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