Thoughts on Protonmail?

I saw another thread below a lot of people like ProtonMail, but I’ve seen a few of issues of people being hack with ProtonMail. Also I’ve seen some people that won’t except email from them. What’s everybody’s thoughts on Protonmail?

Being hacked is about same as other emails. But you can opt in to use 2 passwords which reduces that chance.

I use them for my business and have no real problems with them. Its got alot of features no one else has.


I def like protonmail and like @TrenGod said with 2 passwords its pretty damn safe


@josh any thoughts?

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I use the free version and only had a minor issue with mail being sent, it’s like the email got stuck somewhere for a period of time! It’s always gone threw but no telling when I would. If that’s happened I usually just send 1more of the same email! I think it’s a great service and better if you get the paid account


I actually really recommend the paid account it is superior to the free service.
Not that the free service doesn’t work well for people but you can imagine how much better it is when you get a paid version.
The cost of the paid version is really worth it.