Thoughts on stacking fat burners with Anavar

Hi everyone! I’m currently on my second week of 10mgs ED of Anavar and thinking about adding a fat burner. I’m on the keto diet with the occasional intermittent fasting, workout 5 - 6 x a week (minimal cardio). Overall goal is to shed a few lbs of BMI. Would really appreciate your thoughts on stacking a fat burner, any reviews on any fat burners of choice and side effects experienced. Thanks in advance!

You are already on a fat burner. It’s called ketosis. :wink:

BMI is a waste of time in my opinion… I am 206 and below 8% body fat. According to BMI scorimg I am obese. Check out Fat Free Mass Index (FFMI) calculators online. It provides a much better representation for those who are or.looking to get fit.


@SemperFi your prompt response is much appreciated! Pardon my ignorance, but what’s a “date burner”? My problem with ketosis is that I’ve plateaued regardless of modifying my macros and I’m thinking of transitioning to a low-cal (chicken, brown rice blah blah diet).

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Sorry fat fingers on a phone. I edited my post

Lol I thought I was missing the latest fad! Are there any supplements the ladies prefer when it comes to fat burners? Winstrol, clen…? I’ve read different reviews and side effects but was wondering if there was anyone with real world experience that can share feedback. Btw, this site is pretty addictive! :grimacing:

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Clean is a great addition if you can get it or something I like and swear by that’s just as good is a ECA stack that with your var. And keto should be a recipe for greatness!

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I appreciate your feedback! I’ll do some research on ECA.

@SemperFi wasn’t there a recent thread on ECA? Thought @Bigmurph had touched up on it?

Your welcome are new here?

@KingP yes, first day on here. Was asked to join and share my journey on Anavar. I’m hoping to gain lots of knowledge along the way from you guys! You all seem to know your $#!+ well.

They do… alot of knowledge and experience here, never will anybody be treated bad on here for trying to learn!

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@josh that’s awesome. I can appreciate a judgment/drama free zone.

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Ephedrine hcl 25mg amps or tabs
don’t use sulphate
Caffeine 200mg no doz tabs
Aspirin 81mg

I would start with 12.5mg ephedrine hcl
The amps are the best the tabs which are primatine work great also.
In most states you can buy primatine at your local pharmacy.
It works great but you have to be on a good diet and hitting the cardio hard fasted cardio works best. Roll out of bed and hit the cardio and you will definitely burn some pounds.
You have to be careful its stressful on your circulatory system and you will definitely be sweating. I try to only run eca in winter months.


Welcome to the club, we are all a big family here! You’ll love it lots of knowledge keep up the hard work!

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You could add a thyroid med in like t4 or t3 as it increase your resting metabolic rate. 100mcgs of t4 or 25mcgs of t3 will get you burning extra fat especially combined with clen or eca stack.

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@Bigmurph thanks!! You are a wealth of knowledge!!!

@KingP thank you! I’m loving it here so far. I’ve been in the dark!!!

@MBTJR1980 useful info - thanks for sharing! I’ve been reading a lot on Clen and there are so many conflicting reviews. I’d be interested in hearing other ladies’ experiences on it.

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no … fat burners are a waste of time and money… they dont discriminate between fat and muscle … if you’ve reached a plateau then change your training … change your diet …

Winstrol is absolutely not to considered a fat burner it is toxic and in my opinion shouldnt be used unless you are a paid professional and can be monitored by a doctor

cardio can be used if you have a decent amount of muscle mass already … slow steady state for less than an hour should burn off excess fat as well

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I hate to say it but I have to agree with you on this one lol. That dreadful cardio!!! I am guilty of neglecting my cardio even though I know how crucial it is. Anavar is doing really well helping me increase muscle mass, which in turn, is also helping shed some fat. Again, I don’t have a large amount of fat to lose but I would eventually like to be competition ready at some point. I plan to complete my whole Var cycle and hopefully the end result will be favorable - so far, so good. As for fat burners, I’m very hesitant to try based on all the side effects reported. I do thank you for your feedback and steering me in the safest direction.

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