Thoughts on the 11th edition

I purchased the 11th edition when I first started using PED just as a reference guide when I was on. It worked really well and helped me when I was in panics and started getting acne. Lets just say in the beginning I wasn’t the smartest and didn’t get bloods done. Was just thankful that it helped me out but wanted to know what you guys used when first started, did you seek information on forums or from guys at the gym?

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Well …23 years ago my close friend got me into AAS, and back then it was bro science and a book I had called “ world anabolic review 1996”.
I still have the book.
And one forum back then that I used for sources and very minimal info.
I now use this forum only and a few dozen books I own to learn what I need.


William llewellyn wrote Anabolics and he is considered to be the goto on all compounds.
I have alot of respect for him and the team over at roidtest a great group of guys and an excellent book to use I myself learned most from books at the library actually the rest comes from mistakes or just real life experience. I have learned more than a couple of lessons from mistakes lol

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