Time on equals time off. Thoughts?

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Coming off soon. After a good successful p.c.t. How long before i can start my next cycle? Id like to stay on forever but bigmurph will kill me. So… Should i do bloods after some time off and then decide? I once read somewhere that you should spend the same amount of time you were on off.any feedback would be appreciated

I personally think it’s subjective to the person bro. Questions tho to consider is your age, cycle history, on trt, goals (casual or competing), family etc.

Blood work is definitely needed and more can be determined by seeing where you at.

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The formula is basically time on plus pct equals time off. I will be honest im even cruising now. It has to do with what tren is saying below. Im not that young anymore and my test levels aren’t what they used to be even if I pct im just not getting my levels back so its basically self prescribed trt but I added primo to it.
I do believe that you should try a pct then run your blood work. Thats your guide book to what your next step should be.
Im not that into having to pin every week for the rest of my life but I made the choice after some not so good blood work.
If your bloods come back low you still have choices. You can start a stronger pct with another round of Clomiphene.
You have hmg which some guys use I’ve never used it but I have heard that it works well.
Whats the next cycle your thinking about running?

Im thinking. 600mg test split mon/thurs. 50 mg win (oral) ed . 40mg clen 2weeks on 2weeks off.

Have you ever ran winny?
How many weeks?
Also are you into running Proviron it will give you more free Testosterone and have less aromatase.

Always always ALWAYS let’s bloods decide for you. That’s the bottom line. You want everything good and in range to go again. Health first. Shit I just finished a 20 weeker and my bloods still came back perfect (have been off orals 8). I’m still going to cruise tho for 6 weeks. It’s good to give your body the break.


20 weeks .and i dont know about proviron. I’ll reserch it now. How and where does it fit in to the mix.meaning what mgs should i do. I have run winnie before . also whats the name of the bloid test? Thers one for like $60 and it says test and free test. Another for $99. And im assuming ill need to get the $300 one ?. Seriouly guys …thanx

Thankyou brother

you are going to be testing after pct correct? You won’t need the one that gives you results over 1500 then. You can use this one if you’re not in a state that doesn’t allow this place. You’ll go to a lab corp. you can also google for 15% off code.

It is called “hormone label for females” the very first one. It’s fine that it says females. For future reference on cycle when blasting you need to get one that has the lc/ms-ms test. That will tell you test levels above 1500. Without it it caps it and just says “>1500” which doesn’t tell you shit.

Edit: if you want lipids get the one that says “with lipids”

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Thankyou brother.i appreciate it

If you have a doctor like me I can go straight to him. If not is a great goto. I believe that the best test is actually the female hormone panel. Its 80$ I believe and will give you test ,free test ,estro.
No reason for 300$ test.
Proviron I run at 50mgs split mourn and night it really helps you use more Testosterone rather than letting it just float around and then just turn into estrogen.

You know im always here for any questions you have.

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Brother im so stoked! Im taking my first blood tests this week. Good looking out.again.

Cant thank you enough. Im going this week. I really appreciate you guys

If you can when you get them edit them out and post them up id like to help

You’re welcome bro. Glad to help.

For guessing the results come via email a couple of days later

Yep that’s exactly how it works.

X2. Definitely subjective. I was told years ago that the general consensus is time on equals time off. Now, there’s no time off for me… I blast and cruise.

I was always taught to cycle, pct, get bloodwork and repeat
After reading around i’m now leaning on blasting and cruising… but i’m very scared of big commitments and just feel uneasy about it.
I started a cruise dose of test last month and will soon be introducing EQ for 16-20 weeks… i’ll decide whether i’ll cruise or come off as usual when the time comes…

I go by bloodwork. Even cruising for 1 year, your bloods could be crappy and it would be a bad time to running a cycle. Or you could of start cruising 2 months ago and everything is great blood wise. In that case you could run a cycle.

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