Time to start my first cycle

Hey guys. After getting some advice from the community, as well as some setbacks that were the result of my own ignorance, I have finally started my 1st cycle.

I did an initial jump-start of 200mg Test C, waited three days, then 300mg Test E + 300mg Test C. I plan on doing 300mg Test E + 300mg Test C every week from now on for the next 6-7 weeks. I am also taking Winstrol 50mg every other day because I wanted to expedite results, if that’s worth anything, too.

I am also taking some supplements: Niacinamide, DHEA, L-Argenine, milk thistle (for liver function), and magnesium. For the fun of it, I guess.

I am working out 4-5 days a week, 3000+ calories/day, but have noticed I need to drink more water (for some reason water retention has gotten really low). I am going to get a testosterone blood test this weekend.

So advice? Recs? Comments?

Why are you using winstrol?? If this is your first cycle why is it so high?? If you have never done a cycle before you need to start low. I always start my guys on low doses ask any of my clients on here. No need to go this high and be on winstrol. Not sure who gave you this advice.


Drop the Winstrol man, first cycle should be test ONLY. Also lower test perhaps 400/week. After you have a few cycles under your belt that’s when you start introducing one compound at a time. This way you learn your body, how you respond, and learn what different AAS do individualistcly. You will yield the best gains of your first cycle if you keep it clean and simple (diet depending)
** Do you have AI’s on hand? **


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say you are probably between the ages of 18-22 and have been training “REAL HARD” for years? You have a total forum read time of an hour. I would maybe look into doing some more research before jumping on a cycle.

Man, we all just went back and forth in a long ass thread talking to you and it’s like you heard nothing at all. You’re what I would define as an askhole. Ask a bunch of questions basically begging for sound advice which you received then turn around and do whatever you want anyway.

As for your cycle, there is literally 0 reasons that are good, bad or indifferent that you could claim for running Test C AND Test E together. None. They are both long esters and have a difference of about 1.5 days apart from each other on half life. I know for a fact that I personally gave you the most sound advice I could which was not to frontload anything, use 1 ester (Test C is what I recommended), don’t go over 500mg and get an AI like Aromasin and not to use any orals compounds.

You are young and impatient and obviously can’t adhere to simple recommendations and advice by very knowledgeable and reputable members so I’ve said my piece and I’m out. This was a statement not a discussion.


Lol I didn’t realize this was the same guy. I was like who the fuck comes up with a cycle like this and who the fuck recommended it lol.


@spencerrrrr good luck man, I’m out!


First and foremost, these doods in this forum have better information than you will find anywhere. If don’t listen your wasting your time being here.
Your wasting your money using test c and test e. Thats rediculous. They do the same thing. 50 mg a day of winny to start may hurt ya. I started with 50 mg and it fucked up my stomach and hurt my joints. You don’t need winny on a first cycle. You should bulk with the test then cut with the winny.

He’s not even taking the Winstrol correctly. Where would he get the idea to take any oral compound every other day?

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you ever look at the screen and tilt your head while reading a post? Well, that is exactly what I did. … I also gave the screen my best WTF look.

Winstrol? who and EOD ? to expedite what? the internal catastrophe ?

Test E AND Test C? why in heavens are you doing that … I know. No one here gave you any of the above info to run a cycle.

am also taking some supplements: Niacinamide, DHEA, L-Argenine, milk thistle (for liver function), and magnesium. For the fun of it, I guess.

If you don’t know WHY you are taking something you should NOT take it.

I am working out 4-5 days a week, 3000+ calories/day
so what? What are your macros? what foods are you actually eating


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What are your stats?
I would like to help you out but you have to give more information about your diet and training.
Plus stats
If you really want help and will listen I will help.
Let me know

Everyone tried. The key things that people said were test only cycle and now you’re doing weird shit like mixing test c and test e and adding 50mg Winstrol? A 200mg jump start of test Cyp? Ah man. You’re not listening to anything that anybody is telling you. At this point I’m just here like every other dick head on the freeway rubbernecking on the freeway to watch the train wreck.


We did try to help him. A lot.

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I remember the post I didn’t realize it was the same person.
Im still open to help him but someone has to take the advice there given and use it. Im not interested in helping anyone not serious or dedicated. I don’t have the time. I will help anyone that is serious and dedicated though.

This is a really easy question to answer and I believe reading that @Ironside did give you the outline of a testosterone and an AI cycle which is the best plan. If you’re adamant about using the winstrol take 25mg a day if you want to low dose. Also splitting the winstrol dose each day would be best. There is so much more to this because you need a diet plan and a training plan before you have a cycle plan.

Up your water intake alot you will also need alot of carbohydrates I actually drink coconut water and add mio sport to almost all my water because I struggle with hydration also
What’s your diet break down in macros?

Get a female hormone panel when you get blood work or just have your doctor do it. This will tell you alot of information and with that bloodwork we can help alot more.


You know the saying. You can take a horse to water…
how old are you?
just so many questions. Why C and E? Why Winstrol? Why 600mg? There is literally PROS on this website. Take advantage of the advice. Please. Take a drink of water…


I’m definitely not an expert by any means, but this makes my head hurt :thinking:

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No sense in giving any advice on this nobody knows diet workout routine nothing. So best not to give any advice especially telling someone to up their carbs. Not trying to be an ass but that’s not sound advice bro and this guy should not be on winny its fucking stupid. This post is a waste of everyone’s time. I wouldn’t waste my time giving any advice because he’s not going to follow it


I completely agree
You misunderstand my comments about carbs im not telling him to up his carbs I was telling him that he will be needing alot in his diet plan and that this will help him stay hydrated.

Yea but you can’t just tell someone to have more carbs to help hydrate them. Carbs don’t hydrate you. Water does. Being a coach I wouldn’t increase anyone’s carbs without first knowing their goals and body types. Especially using winny. Not trying to argue just don’t want bad info being passed on.
I have some clients that I can’t give them a lot of carbs because they gain weight. Others like @Ironside I can give him a lot of carbs.

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