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Titan Training is your place to get customized and personalized training and diet created for you. Titan will help you reach your goals through customized diets and workout plans and guide you with specialized “supplementation”!


Time for some lucky members to release the Kraken with Titan Training. Thanks goes out to @PHD for offering his services!


Welcome Titan Training!

Is this domestic. What workouts do you use. Is there PAT…pain after training? I hate that. Welcome. Are you associated with titan medical?


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: omg u so cray :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Awesome. Sounds great. A valuable service.

I’m new to UGM

How do we reach out?


If you’re trying to get in touch with @PHD he will see this now. You just have to tag someone @andtherename then they will get a notification.

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Hey bro I’ll message you

@PHD how can I get started with a supplement plan for a first timer. Thanks

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Messaged you bro

Now that life has settled for me a bit [just finished grad school] and I have more time to get diet and training dialed in, I’m looking for some “supplement-aware” coaching, @PHD … hmu?

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Hey bro I’ll message you. Awesome and congrats.

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