Titan training clients have been putting in work

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Man I can’t even begin to say how proud I am of the clients I have from this forum. You guys know who you are and you all have been kicking major ass. Right now I have 3 guys that could easily be classic physique next year and we are working on that for goals. One client is in a transformation contest and he’s in the top running to win a huge prize package. They are putting all the work in and they are following everything to a T. Proud of you all. I can’t share their pictures here due to wanting to keep their identity safe. Most of them have distinct tattoos. If you guys want to post your pictures here feel free to post in this thread or start your own in Titan training. Keep kicking ass guys

Because of all the great results I’m seeing here I want to open up more slots for UG members. Remember you all get a huge discount that’s not offered to our regular clients. Let’s see who’s going to be the next member to join our bad ass team we are building here.


PHD is the way to go!
In one week, went from 15.1% bf down to 12.2% bf and down 7 pounds.
Weigh-in is this Friday, should know how much my body has changed then.

Definitely starting to notice my abs starting to take shape.
Always kind of been my goal, have some great looking abs. (never had em growing up, to chubby. ha!)

I will be posting a write up as soon as this contest is up, pictures included.
Gotta figure out the ‘blurring’ tattoo thing, like PHD said, very distinct.


Ummm your body composition changed drastically in the first week. Goes to show if you follow the plan that changes will happen. Proud of you bro


Way to get at it man, keep kicking ass.

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