To log or not to log- That is your question?

To log or not to log- That is your question?

I’m no professional fighter, athlete, or bodybuilder. I am an over 40 year old dude with a shit ton of injuries, a busy life (wife, kids, job and school), and a training plan that is more focused on endurance and general strength than sheer muscular definition or size. In fact my goal
this cycle is to keep as much weight off as I can and focus on volume and endurance.

For example last week looked like 2 days of easyish strength training, rock/ice climbing twice, and about 5 hours of aerobic work plus some yoga/Pilates stuff so I can stay mobile.

I’m am running Test E at 500mg a week plus TBol at 50mg daily for 6-7 weeks split in 25/25 am/pm. It’s a simple run. Adex on hand and HCG/Nolva as PCT.

Would any of you care to see me track this on here? I have logs for years but never shared them. You are going to see stuff like -Climb 250m of 5.7-5.8, hike 3 hrs w/40#s and 2000 ft of gain, and total body strength training with a focus on functional movements for mountain athletes.

It’s a periodizied plan that increases about 10% in volume weekly for 10 weeks before switching to sport specific movement and training. I’m in a base phase currently. Just finishing week 1 on cycle and this new plan.


Honestly Yes the way you workout and the way you eat is a big thing. I honestly copy so much from so many of the different logs that have been done.
I wake up and read someone’s log and say yep that’s the workout im going to do today.
It really does help and yes I stilll go to fitraver log and check it out. Looking for the correct workout.

Bro we would love to see a log on here. For several reasons. If you run into an issue and need advice it’s easy to go thru the log and see what could be changed.

Also logs help motivate others especially in same situation and yourself it gives you accountability.

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Id love to see logs. I am always on here researching cycles, and stuff. I quit using google or other methods, i just go to the search on here and do all my research now.

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Yes sir we want to see you log :+1::muscle:

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Would love to see your log brotha!

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Log away brother! I would be super interested in a log like that. It’s unique and unlike what most people do day to day for strength and conditioning. We all benefit from each other to learn new ways or implements.

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