To mask or not to mask?

Thought you’d all get a kick out of this quick conversation. Feel free to use my words if the opportunity presents itself.
So I had a short discussion with a bandana wearing pro mask guy the other day.
Him: No mask for you bro?
Me: I’m wearing one.
Him: I dont see it.
Me: It’s invisible, but rest assured it’s working because it’s masking my urge to jam that fucking bandana down your throat. Which by the way, is about as useful to you as a magnum condom on your tiny little Dick.
Him: your not a nice person.
Me: Smartest thing you’ve said so far.


I wish I was there the mask is about pushing the democratic agenda if the pandemic is over than there’s no reason to spend 6 trillion dollars so people like him a part of the Democratic Mask wearing cult that has developed across America.

The President said that you don’t need a mask outside the science says masks only help you for 6 minutes if you’re inside and everyone is wearing a mask you will all contract covid still because the study was just released from MIT saying 6 feet or 60 feet and 6 minutes it doesn’t matter.

The mask is only protection indoors for 6 minutes so the mask isn’t honestly needed especially now numbers are way down and the science is saying that they really don’t help.

No mask in my opinion nowadays after the MIT study.

Plus your vaccinated why need a mask?

Why does Pfizer submit a medication to the FDA to treat covid 19 if we have a vaccine?? Its all bullshit.

Im sorry about my views if anyone disagrees but I’ve worn a mask everywhere the entire time but after the study and after vaccination why?

Not directed at you brother @Kad1


I personally don’t think the mask really helps much. I think it does prevent stupid people from coughing on everything but so wouldn’t decent manners. My state still requires a mask for everything but NH dropped it. All the businesses in NH still require a mask so nothing much has changed. Fewer and fewer people are wearing them at the gym and the ones that do haven’t been complaining yet.


I believe now its personal choice so many are vaccinated and herd immunity I believe is also helping because most have already had covid


One of my farts can go thru the thickest denim and clear a regular size living room…mask shmask… aint stopping much


Its true and they have probably known since Trump was in office smh the government and no information sucks.

That’s good to know! Lol

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Honestly though an N95 mask yeah your protected this guy had a bandanna that’s just a waste of time lol wtf is wrong with some people @Kad1 I don’t understand alot of people nowadays.


There’s a dude running around our little area with a full filtered mask… face shield and all. Seen him a few tomes


I’m with ya. Fuck tards!


Unless I’m wrong, all that stuff, n95, cartridge filters hospital mask work great for particulates but won’t do crap against viral.


I thought that the N95 actually worked but possibly not

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I put one of my sharts up against any of that stuff! Hahaha

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I just googled it. According to google it will filter bacteria and viral. Learn something new every day


Yes I do especially at ugmuscle lol

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If fitted properly it works. Only thing that kept us safe during this Bs. I mean at work not in every day life

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At first to mask, maybe it was a good idea, I don’t knock any of the decissions made. In Asian countries, it’s common for people to wear masks when they are just sick in general, as their populations are dense and in close quarters. In dense cities, I can see it being a good idea for people who feel ill to wear a mask.

Do I wear a mask when I go shopping? No. The reason being is the science is out, things are well established, and it’s now up to the people to decide what they want to do. Some might say it’s still a bit too early, but I do it to show others they can do it too :stuck_out_tongue:

Getting vaccinated… I’m getting frustrated how involved the government is in deciding how vaccines are distributed. Wasn’t there already contracts worked out between the manufactures and cvs/walgreens+a bunch of other places? Since when did government have to get involved in distribute medical supplies…


This is exactly what needs to happen so people start trying to return to normal and not feel like their doing something wrong.

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Love this. City I used to live in was enforcing mask outside. Absolute fucking insanity. Have since moved. Also love how CDC is like oh you got a vaccine? You still need to wear a mask… yea go fuck yourself. Also heard an ad on radio today CDC doc pushing vaccines and how adverse reactions are extremely rare. I was just thinking, why not blast the message During Covid of hey, 99.whatever percent of people will survive Covid, especially younger individuals. But it’s all about fear and control. Really fuckin sad tbh.


It’s been pretty well documented that uniformly woven fabrics- bandana, t shirts, whatever cloth contraption- can prevent nothing from spreading. It allows free movement of germs and particles to pass through the gaps of the overlapping fibers. This is why surgeons don’t wear t shirts over their mouth when they operate.

Masks would have at least sounded logical if they hadn’t allowed these type of masks to serve as the mandated covering. When they allowed this to happen it became clear to me the masks were about more than protection.

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