To pct or cruise off 20 week test run

Well im at 20 weeks of a test run started first 9 to 10 on sust 400 then switched to 2 shots of test e 250 twice a week up until week last three single 250 once a week I just turned 40 what’s everyone thoughts pct or cruise??

Bloodwork after a pct and see where your at or you can go to the doctor and have him keep you on trt so your numbers stay in range.
After 20wk its going to be a rough pct but if you continue to keep using then you have to for life on trt.
Its a really hard choice I don’t enjoy pinning 2x a wk anymore but I will be until im gone.


Ok so my question is I’ve seen so many pct protocols should I use hcg or the stand pct of 2 weeks clomid 100mg and 40 mg then week 3 cut that in half

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I’d say blast and cruise!


I’ve been on TRT for 10 years. Like @Bigmurph said. If you go down the cruise road. You’ll be on it for life. Coming off is no bueno. But it’s up to you. some of my friends have gotten off the TRT but levels are in the LOW 300. Now. Some docs say that’s fine for the age. But I like being on my A game. So I chose TRT.


I say do bloods and go on a cruise. I’ll be 40 in 5 days and I’m in the middle of a cruise right now while I finish recovering from my hip replacement. The last time I tried to come off was 2016 when I hurt my hip and retired from competative lifting, that was after more than 10 years on, and the PCT didn’t go so hot, 2016 was a bad year.


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