Training with Tear of Left Rotator Cuff

Title says it all. Inoperable full-thickness tear of the left supraspinatus with significant retraction. Because of the tear, I have significant left shoulder instability and have to spotter-less work on a Smith for the most part, and my dumbell work is weight limited. It’s not just weakness/instability, I have to ensure I don’t tear something else. I’ve been wondering whether one of those neoprene shoulder sleeves or some other wearable contraption would stabilize the shoulder and assist with at least heavier dumbell work. Any experience with such things here? Appreciate the advice, and apologies if I posted (again) in the wrong location!

Ummm get a second opinion… I don’t think a rotator cuff, or supraspinatus should be inoperable. Go get stem cell treatment in Panama :joy::joy:

I don’t know what to tell you… you shouldn’t be doing a whole lot of shoulder anything with those two things torn… something else is going to compensate that shouldn’t be carrying the load and that’s gonna get torn too. I would seriously go get a second opinion before doing shoulders.

Pain isn’t something to just train through. Especially pain associated with known injuries. This is a Marathon not a sprint.


Thanks. I hear you. I’ve had three opinions. All the same. Supraspinatus tear repair would not hold if they tried to fix it, even with a cadaver replacement. My current doc says I will need a complete shoulder replacement within a year or two, as I also have little cartilage left in that shoulder. But he first said that two years ago, and it ain’t happened yet. I continue to amaze him with the shoulder’s relative strength and flexibility, given the tear. I run bpc-157 pretty regularly and do intend to get stem cell injections sometime in the next year, though they are expensive and of at most modest benefit–probably just staving off the day of reckoning. I’m just looking for anything that might help me lift now, while I’m still young enough to hit it hard (55). Put differently, I’m toward the end of the marathon, and I gotta sprint to the end.

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Got damn shoulders. I don’t know the extent of my injury but recently took 6 weeks off of pressing for what I think was slight tear


Haha that’s about the one reason that would
Make it inoperable. :joy::joy::joy: man honestly, you may benefit from just going ahead and getting the total shoulder and doing stem cell at the same time.

I don’t know. That’s a truly wrecked shoulder.

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I tore two rotator cuff tendons in my right shoulder–supraspinatus and subscapular–as well as my upper bicep tendon, but had them all successfully repaired by a top ortho in NYC. I asked him to do the other shoulder, too, but he said “let’s see if you get the other one back first, eh?” Rehabilitating the right shoulder back to full strength took about a year and some serious GH. Only then did it completely heal. That’s when I first approached another doc about the left shoulder, and he said it was too far gone.

Problem with a complete replacement is that I’ll never be able to lift heavy ever again. Or so the doc says. Pushups, ok, but nothing more. That depresses me too much, so I’m gonna squeeze every little bit of life out of the left shoulder I can–with AAS, GH, GH secretagouges, BPC 157, and stem cell injections–until it gives out for good. If I can just keep it going another 5-10 years, I’ll be happy.

So now that I’m done whining, anyone every use those neoprene slings over an injured shoulder to assist with free weight lifts? Right now, I get about five reps with heavy dumbells before the left should makes me drop them. Not bad, but I have more in me.

Yes, I know, my course is not the wisest one. But isn’t that really equally applicable to us all?

I can’t help you there. I’ve never used one, I know they have a tendency to keep a shoulder out of place if it comes out though. Maybe worth a shot though.

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Kinda what I’m thinking, viz., that it will help keep the shoulder in its proper location. Or at least closer to it. With the supraspinatus gone, it tends to roll forward, putting undue strain on the bicep insertion and the left pec. I’m going to give one a shot and see.

Just blew mine out last week. Full thickness “massive” rotator cuff tear with type 2 SLAP lesion as well. Interested to know your healing protocol, I have a bunch of GH ready to go, also plan on running NPP and anavar.

Got damn shoulders I think I’ve decided for time being to not even thinking g of benching 500 I’m just going to chase inclining 500 instead

That’s the number I was chasing, 500 by the time I’m 50(47 now), seems that just became a pipe dream.

Have you tried a long term hgh cycle it may aid in repairing/healing.

If I would have just maxed a month early I had but set my date for 35 bday and injured it two weeks prior. Oh well recover and move on

Yep, long road ahead with a double procedure, think I’m going to relearn the bench press, fuck these shoulder issues, man, gotta be a better way.

Just not doing flat bench for a good while going to focus on hypertrophy this cycle and then maybe on tren get back into strength

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I don’t think I’ll touch tren, has the most potential for tendon injuries from that rapid strength gain. I’ll stick to NPP for the collagen synthesis if I’m choosing a 19 nor. But, that’s a year down the trough for me right now. Enjoy the ride, sir.

May have been my smissue I was getting massive strength gains on mtren when I injured mine.

Try to run something for collagen synthesis, I know I will from here on in. EQ, nandrolone, anavar and GH are the big 4 in that regard. I’ve read 3mg/kg bodyweight for the injectables and 25mg/day anavar. I’m going to run that anavar dosing for 12 weeks post op, along with NPP and Pharma GH, throwing all that shit at the wall in hopes of something sticking.


Well anavar ain’t it will maybe be on hgh depending on how the next 6 weeks at 4 ius a day go. Eq could be added but I wan to keep my cycle to max of three anabolics at a time

I don’t care for kitchen sink blasts myself, but, low dose(200-300mg)EQ or NPP can’t hurt, really. GH would be ideal, may need more than 6 weeks to gauge results.

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