Transfer fees when sending BTC

Transfer fees when sending BTC

question for the expierienced users . if my total amount due is 0.02645147 BTC how much in Btc should I buy to cover any transfer fees ect.?

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depends on wat app ur using. BTC atms are really expensive and i don’t recommend those. but most apps charge roughly a buck for every hundred. i use coin base. when u send more rather than a little they don’t charge transfer fees which is y i like the app

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Anyone use the BRD app? How does it compare?

I use BTC ATM’s.
And Blockchain wallet.
Found a low % rate near me.
But they normally are around 18% charge

I will be using Coinmama for the 1st time. but that’s helpful…basically $1 per hundred as a rule of thumb. thank you

Mine says the fee. I just back up and add it to it.

Guess I’m going to have to school up on this bitcoin stuff if I ever want to get some real gear…

In the bitcoin category there are really good posts that after reading them you should be good and if you have questions just ask we got your back.

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I’ve been reading thru the bitcoin category. Lots of good info there. (luv this forum!) I just need to go shopping and find one that’s efficient, simple and easy to navigate (aka idiot proof). Thanks for the help @Bigmurph

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No doubt brother im glad that it helped you out

I just wanted to mention I recently sent about $200 in BTC using my HODL wallet and I was charged .33 for the transfer. is that about average for that amount ?

I’m new to the btc world and I’m curious…
Is that .33 cents… are there some 0’s missing? I went to unit converters net and used the conversion chart from btc-usd…
.33 converts to 2399.5243532 usd… .033 converts to 239.95243532 usd… .0033 converts to 23.995243532 usd
.00033 converts to 2.4075662717 usd
which is about $2.40
I don’t know, but $2.40 sounds reasonable to me…

Transfer changes are always different depending upon how busy the blockchain is at the time.
There are wallets that have set charges also.

I’m clueless here.
I set up a Coinbase acct. However I have no idea how one would make an online purchase.

I’ve used BRD seems pretty easy to me feed aren’t too bad but I don’t know what to compare to

I use a ATM and put bitcoin in my wallet from there. But fees are in the 12%-18% range.
I have found them lower around 7%-12%. But those are the fees I personally know about.
But mycelium and cashapp I have never used yet.

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