Travel plans and issues

Getting ready to land in LA. Having this PIP in both my ass cheeks hasn’t made it a fun ride hahahaha.

DON’T POST THINGS LIKE THAT @Rusty you know what was written here and it is not something you tell everyone on the internet

It isn’t the first time I’ve worked in LA it’s the third and I’ve learned from the first two that I don’t really like it much. But it pays the bills and the gear!!!

I tried switching from test prop to a mix of test C with 20% of the original test prop mixed in. Will back off to three injections per week but still hitting close to the 700 mark. I just keep skipping injections cause the PIP won’t go away fast enough then I’m injecting in a swollen sore spot from three or four days before. Usually the prop hits me right away and sticks around four days sometimes five with PIP. So far today I haven’t noticed any soarness yet at the injection site. Keeping fingers crossed.


You should of brought one of those ass doughnuts to sit on the flight there lol

Mmm ass and donuts.


image this one is top of the line.

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Hahaha never though about that. WTF. @Dirtnasty is right I do live in a bubble. Don’t even know about ass doughnut

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I actually like eating doughnuts after getting some ass.


How long you out of town for?

Two weeks. I hate CA. So far I have had to call the car rental place from the airport five times they never showed up just left me there for broke. Had to hire a taxi to get to car rental place and fight for credit. Then got to an Extended Stay America (which is usually pretty good. ). Got to room had to ask for all new beddding cause had hair on it. Then they never came up so we had to go to the laundry room and get our own and replace it ourselves. And we stopped by McDonald’s on the way here from airport and asked for two quarters and a mcchicken. And wasted 30 minutes for that. I was in the lobby and a black dude came in with all kinds of cleaning supplies. I asked where he was from and he said Arizona and said he comes here all the time cause they pay him three times more money then he makes back home God Bless Him!!! This is what the Dems want for the whole country. NO!!! This is their pathway to making us dependent on them.

Also forgot to
Mention we are in a room with a kitchenette and there was no dishes and pots or pans. I asked the front desk I guess you have to get them by asking cause they all get stollen. They also told me to put everything in my trunk or room cause if people can see stuff in my car they will break the windows and steal it. Is this really popular vote cause that’s what we are asking for. Ugghhh!!!

Could do both at same time if I was t trying to cut weight I would this weekend but the drinks and dinner out will be too many calories as is

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Fuck California! Lol. Stay safe out there

So your mixing the test, could be why the pip,maybe, or just the test p

Def the prop brotha, I used to be a big advocate of test prop but I’ve been a pin cushion for 10+ years with ED injections and it’s just not worth it. The only AAS I still do ED is Tren, I find it much superior to enanthate, but hey that’s me. Anyways goodluck in LA, take some ibuprofen and heat your gear prior to injection, that should help with pip


Thanks. I think your right @Raphael3636. I just started mixing the test to reduce the amount of prop and I have a lot less pip today @John. I agree @JLee fuck California. There are cleaning crews here from Arizona making three times the amount they make back home and they come every other week. Cause California people don’t wanna work. No wonder the state went bankrupt and the dems think the whole country should be like this. @Dirtnasty eating doughnuts and getting ass at the same time is an outstanding idea. Burning the calories while taking them in. Perfect!!!


Ok gotcha

Sorry @Bigmurph didn’t even consider it. My bad.

Being a life long California citizen until about two and a half years ago. You don’t really see what that state is like until you get out of it. I most definitely do not miss that place fuckin shit hole. The money was good but the cost of living and taxes suck that pay dry

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It’s your safety im worried about brother becareful I know that you can start to feel really comfortable. That’s when you can get yourself into trouble and no one wants that brother.
Safe travels


Thanks @Bigmurph. I noticed yesterday people
Here are very friendly at least. My wife is happy they have a lot of Filipino stores and restaurants. There is not a one in Wisconsin.

What state or part of the country did you move too @Trobchbb??

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Got to love some good old PIP I’m assuming it’s the prop you figured out that is giving you PIP ? What is Mg per cc. Of it. Over the years I have found that some brands cause pip some don’t one brands prop gives me pip but the cyp don’t another guys cyp gives me pip the prop don’t some guys stuff don’t bother me same stuff gives you PIP may get some static for this but unless the PIP is horrible I have always used eq to mix with haven’t found something I couldn’t mix with eq that wouldn’t get rid of PIP except for very high mg per ml stuff can’t say why my body chemistry maybe

But that is what the democrats want. You to come in clean up the mess service them and leave. They don’t want the help to live close and mess up there place and they do it by increasing the gap between rich and poor and the ironic thing is they use the very people who they keep in the gutter to do it by telling them everything is gonna be free or throw them a crumb and say look at all I done for you people are opressed by the very people who they vote for and been voting for for years and wonder why nothing has changed hmm ? Got to give them credit. Don’t hate the player hate the game

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