Traveling with GH and stability

Hey guys maybe some you can help me with this. I’m getting ready to travel for a few days. I want to reconstitute 2 vials of GH with bacteriostatic water to bring with me, so the question I have is how long will it stay stable outside of a fridge after being reconstituted? It will be about 18 hours before I can get em back in a fridge, is that to long of a time? There’s so many different answers when I try to Google it.

From my understanding it’s bacterial or microbial introduction that degrades GH not necessarily just being in or out of the refrigerator. Also it won’t destroy the compound being out of the refrigerator so much as it’s potency will degrade. That said I find it highly unlikely that either would occur within an 18hr period. Granted that’s a guess but it comes from what little education I have on GH

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Makes sense brotha thank you. It might even be less then 18 hours, so therefore I think it’ll be ok. From my understanding bacteriostatic water will hold for like 30 days as oppose to sterile water which is only a couple days at most. I had a little insulin travel pouch with a cooling pad in it but it’s one of those things that when you do need it it’s nowhere to be found SMH

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I d go with what Berserker said… I ve had to do several days out of the fridge and it was fine


Is there any chance of getting a small container and adding dry ice? If its a plane I wouldn’t but if any other form of transportation I would keep it cold if possible.
Safe travels brother

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Thanks brotha :+1:

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