Tren an test

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So when running a tren with test. Does tren have to be more than test or what’s some info someone can give me. I’ve been getting mixed info online.

Its all about how your body takes it .Don’t listen to the bro science bs out there .You must try it out on your body .My first run of test tren I ran = parts.then slowly raise my test which worked out well. And did that for quite a while then I thought would try this high tren low test and to be honest will never do it again .I was up to 1000 mgs a week of tren a and 300 of test p during a cut cycle and really didn’t like it and results were sub par for the amount of tren I was running . but like I was saying everyone reacts different you must test you own body and don’t be scared to adjust either compound you might be amazed what you find out about your own body and bio chemistry


Experiment with ratios, only person that could answer this is you. Everyone responds differently. I personally get better results on any compound running on the low side than guys who I’ve seen running grams.

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Awesome. Pretty much the answer I was looking for.

Thank you for the input…

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