Tren and Decca, do you get similar sides?

Do you get similar sides with Decca as you with Tren? I am noticing a lot of the same things with this Decca as I do with Tren.

Did you test it? I’ve just started using Tren but it was nothing like Deca. I only noticed the sweats at night and a bit of mental aggression with Tren. Not with deca. I really don’t get sides from Deca besides the joint lube from it.

I did not test it. It is def helping the old joints. I should say the sides from Decca are not near as bad as with Tren. They are just similar.

No two completely different compounds

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Just reporting what I have observed personally.

Not at all. The only side I get from deca is bloat if diet isn’t super strict. I’m lucky in that I’ve never gotten deca dick.
With tren I sweat balls and soak my pillows while sleeping, I get insomnia where I sleep a few hours then I’m wide awake. I get anxiety if the dose is high, and road rage. Tren makes me 20% stronger within days which no other compound does except maybe halotestin but it hurts my kidneys. Tren makes me feel cocky like I’m the shit!
Chronic masterbation I get from both because I’m sexually deprived and haven’t got a girlfriend, :frowning:
Deca helps my joints.

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Personally no, they’re totally different. They are both 19 nors and can effect progestin levels, however its unlikely to develop prolactin sides from nandrolone. With tren you will have to be more proactive managing progestin levels.

Don’t feel bad, I’m sexually deprived and I have a wife lol


Me 2 lol btw pt141 didn’t do anything for me or her, I just got hot like from ct contrast :hot_face:

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In my 20s I had girlfriends. And was laid off for a bit in the trades. I was on my own home brew tren with pellets comp th or fina pellets. Plus Dbol high 750 mg sust redijects eq. I had sex everyday but at home laid off watching porn I think I rubbed 7 out in a day. It’s ok man your not alone. I’m older now and just don’t have that type of urge. Although I’ve got some tren I’m going to do here soon. Maybe that and I go back 20 years

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Both can potentially raise prolactin but most sides are quite different from the two.

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