Tren does a regular gym rat kinda guy need it

Tren does a regular gym rat kinda guy need it

I was speaking today with a gentleman giving him some advice he had been out of using aas for 10+ years kept up a maintenance workout but nothing serious.
His first question to me was how much tren should I add to my cycle with my test. I was blown away you haven’t ran anything and you want to go straight to tren. I asked him why tren hd said that this is what everyone at the gym is using.
This kills me!!!
Tren wasn’t even originally made for humans it was made for cows going to slaughter to thin them out to make the meat worth more.
I personally believe that there is a place for tren in bbing but only if you are a pro or competing maybe have some sponsors. If you’re just a regular guy that wants to look good why put your body through a harsh tren cycle.
If you’re just looking to get big look good and just stay in shape use compounds that aren’t as harsh.
Instead of tren maybe npp or decca. There both nor 19 but Nandrolone isn’t going to almost guarantee one day your going to have a heart attack.
Then we can start with how everyone brings up how good tren is and how good it works and its true the stuff is amazing.
What they don’t tell you are all the horrible sides you have to deal with while running tren night sweats, just sweating in general,anger,high bp which is extremely dangerous,also the effects it has on all your internal organs.
So my point is please guys when planning your cycle don’t go straight to tren. Lots of other options that you can accomplish your goals with.

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