Tren higher than test..or test higher than tren

When running test and tren…do you run test higher than tren… or tren higher than test? What do you run and why is one better than the other?


I’m running test higher cause I like high test but I’m running high everything


Haha this made me laugh. Incredible answer


Well hoping you are not wanting to run tren over 400mg per week.


I e heard different stories on that. One guy I know does the opposite of what everyone else says. He said less test got rid of deca dick for him don’t know why he calls it deca dick when he was running Tren guess it’s just a bro term

Yep 19nor dick downs have the ring to it

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Week 10 of 350mg of Tren Ace took the gas out of my member altogether. Five days later, pumped back up. Whew. I’ve heard others say they have to limit Tren to 8 weeks to avoid the bad sides (other than night sweats). I’m definitely never going to run it for more than that.

We doing 12 weeks at 700 pray for me. On week 4 nothing real bad so far. But I’m using tren e