Tren. Want to introduce this to my routine

Tren. Want to introduce this to my routine

Have been on TRT for years now and am dialed in well with my SQ injections twice a week. Lab values are in the normal range and I feel so much better. Also a regular workout schedule helps so much. After taking advice from the mentors here I have been asking questions at the gym from some of the big boys and it has been a good experience.The question I have is Oral Tren 100/100 I was told about it A tab twice a day. I just had a body scan and I am 16% BF. Would love to lose a few. Looking for information but there is so much out there I want to read correct information. New to the but I want to learn I have increase my daily calories to 2200. Current weight 186.

Oral tren is probably the most toxic compound that there is I don’t believe that it is worth using especially to lose a couple of pounds unless you are making alot of money from the way that you look.
Its really harsh stuff its also measured in mcg I believe so its really hard to get dosed correctly

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Good to know. What would you suggest to take in conjunction with the TRT to put on some muscle

What are your goals?
You can use cutting or bulking compounds to fit your goals and your diet. You can also choose compounds that don’t aromatase to keep water retention low.

Go with injectable tren and if you feel you need it throw the oral in every 3 days to keep it the harm on your liver down due to toxicity.
I’d just use injectable if tren is the only way for you. There are other options though just need to know what you want to get from this. Tren is a different animal.

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