Trip to Mexico, guidance on buying juice

Taking a little 5 day trip to Mexico, small Island off the tip of Cancun. Any advice on where to buy some juice? I know it’s legal but where would someone go to make a purchase while visiting?


If you look like a bodybuilder then theyll find you lol. At least crossing the border they would all approach me asking if I wanted steroids.

But go to a pharmacy or vet clinic and ask them for steroids. If they sell them theyll usually show you a sheet with list of items and prices.

5 days tho isnt really alot and maybe not worth it except preloads to stay on cycle while there…

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You are taking a much bigger risk brining anything ‘back’ across the boarder than you would simply ordering from an sponsor.

You might be able to bring certain things back if you have an active prescription from a physician.


Right on TG. Great advice. I’m on the fence, like you said, 5 days isn’t much. Is it to risky to make a shipment back to the US?

Dont take the risk. Just order from a sponsor here thats domestic. Much safer and you dont have to worry about customs issues.


That’s what I am beginning to think. Probably not worth risking. Figured I’d capitalize if the risk were low.

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Its all counterfeit
I was there awhile back im guessing that you are going to cozumel.
I love it there its beautiful but almost everything from cigars, alcohol and pharmaceuticals are counterfeit from China.
Talk to a local who isn’t trying to sell you anything about this and you will probably here the same thing.
There is only one pharmacy on the whole island that is real.
Ask a taxi driver to take you there.
Don’t bring anything back.
Its not worth federal time for a couple of amps that you smuggled across the border.
They 3d scan all your luggage.
Be safe not sorry

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Don’t waste your time talking to others or traveling to a legit pharma. Enjoy your vacation @trex74. Get away from it all and do what vacationers do. :wink: We and the sponsors will be here when you return.

If you have the time you might want to drive down to Tulum and enjoy yourself down there for the day!

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Tulum has an incredible techno fest that is like 10 days long in the jungle. On my bucket list.

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First off it’s not counterfeit @Bigmurph . I was in Monterrey Mexico for almost a year for work. That’s where you can get ready jets. Go to a pharmacy just say sustanon and boom $12-$18 American dollars theres your sust. Get a different size pin or you will have a hole in your arm lol

Second why the hell would you even think about bringing it back here? It’s too easy to get your hands on here and not worth going to Mexican jail. You won’t get past customs. Yea years and years ago you could bring dufffle bags back on a bus but times have changed.

Enjoy your trip


Monterrey doesn’t sound like cozumel.
Im specifically speaking about the little stores on the island of Cozumel that sell test products and supposedly primobolan.
Which were all fake

Lol well if you were foolish enough to think they were real in those shops then I hate to say it but you are the type of person they look for lol. Even pharmacy in Mexico don’t carry primo. Your love of primo is your wewknesss lol

I didn’t buy anything lol
They actually had the old primobolan style boxes that looked so fake.
Even the brands that they were trying to sell weren’t the normal brands that you see in Mexico. It was honestly crazy. I know that you see counterfeit items overseas but ive never seen counterfeiting on this level before. I went with a cab driver to the pharmacy on the island and spoke with the owner. I might have bought a couple of things but she was charging outrageous prices. It just wasn’t worth it in the end.
In other parts of Mexico like Monterrey is it really cheap like I would assume? You said 12-18 is that for amps or a vial?
Ive never been anywhere else in Mexico except Cancun and cozumel. When I was using drugs it was a dream but the last time I was there I was only interested in proviron and testosterone but proviron wasn’t available. The sustanon and they had the testosterone enanthate 100mg+25mg weren’t worth getting. I bet you enjoyed a year in Mexico though. Good times im sure.

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Have you never heard or seen ready jets? Either you’re young or green lol. Ready jets were pre loaded sust in a pin (hence ready jet). U could get them for $8-$10 back In the day and sell them in the states for $18-$20 all day long and twice on Saturday lol. That was what I was introduced to when I first started. I know @TrenGod and @SemperFi remeber those.

Oh god I had too much fun in mexico. I drank and partied every night. My boss was japanese so his motto was we work hard and party harder. I think I stayed drunk while there lol and Mexican push omg :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: some amazing women there lol.

Definitely had some good times and made even better life long friends.


Were they still glass? Tourist traps and such are junk. If you dare u can go a bit into state of Sonora or Mexico city…Juarez…the best bets still are vet supply. I like when you buy Mexican gear that’s real and then 5 minutes later policia pull you over and take everything back to the place and fine you for their time. Good times. Try to argue…and all of a sudden they let you go and 2 minutes later you get stopped and omg…empty shell casings or not empty are under your seat…oh boy fun for days. :boom::boom::boom:


the sustanon that comes loaded in the barrel with a needle in box its good IME. get cool local to take you places on the edge of town. a jewelerystore turned out to be yhe best pharmacy for drugs and steroids in laredo.

how long would you suggest someone be out of the country a couple weeks and be taking them then?

I’m going to San Diego here soon & was going to go to TJ… had the same thought lol Glad I read this😁

You guys are crazy to try to bring that back lol. If you are there for a couple weeks buy two ready jets (sustanon) buy a new syringe ( comes with a horse needle lol) and pop that shit while there. I worked in Mexico for almost a year. That’s what I did

Ive heard that because tourists always buy when down there, there is a lot of bunk and over priced shit. Be careful…haha just read how old this post is! I hope everything went well!

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