Trollus 2021 cut cycle log

@Bigmurph asked me to do a log of my cut cycle. So here goes.
Currently running 200 mg test cyp split 2 x a week
200 mg deca again 2x a week
1 mg Adex , p5p, fish oil , glucosamine, liver support, and a baby aspirin . Diet is primarily intermittent fasting noon to eight feeding window. I do a 2 hour walking route in the morning fasted. I think this is the primary driver of my weight loss. I am only roughly tracking macros but generally around 200 protein and try to keep carbs at 150 or under. I increase carbs before and after workouts and do my best to avoid them otherwise. Once a week I do a refeed to keep myself sane and take the wife out to dinner. But I try not to get ridiculous with that. I’m weighing in at around 230 to 235. I estimate around 25 to 30 percent body fat.
Workouts are push,pull,legs but I neglected legs pretty bad during the busy season. I try to keep some variety in my workouts but I have some go tos that I rotate. Push day is usually dB press, ,incline dB press, overhead press, side lat raises frontround weight raises, dB flies and dB skull crushers occasionally with dB flies to get the pecs to failure.pull day is suitcase carry/shrug. Bent over rows or incline bench rows . Db row, dB pullover and preacher curls for arms. Like I said about legs they are neglected and really need to be addressed. I might end up having to go back to a gym for access to better equipment for legs. But for now I need to start incorporating dB deadlifts leg ext/curls, possibly a goblet squat and some lunges. I also like to hit forearm with weighted rope and calf raises. Obviously there are some glaring wrk spots in my program but I wanted to be honest with where I’m at. Thanks in advance for any input .


Never neglect the legs! Other then that, people tend to run test little higher then deca (usually 2 to 1). Good luck and look forward to the log.


Will be nice to see the progress you make.
Keep it up and crush it.

Heck yeah. Get after it. Following!

Fyi… good choice on suit case carries. Brutal but top tier conditioning tools among other things

They’re one of my favorites. You can get nice and heavy.

@JLee is spot on. 60 percent of your total muscle is from the waist down. The more muscle the better metabolism. Burn a lot of calories working those legs. On days I can’t get to gym I do circuit training with legs.


Pistols on chair
Reverse crunches
Goblet squats
Dumbbell lunges
Russian twist
Weighted step ups on chair
Side planks
Hip thrust with dumbbell in lap

I alternate between abs and legs to give legs a break and do usually 15 to 20 seconds rest between sets. This way I get my cardio in too. Killer workout in 20 plus minutes. I’ll do three rounds. But go at your own pace if it takes 30 minutes no problem.

Just giving you some ideas.

Now go get them legs bro!!!

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Thanks brother. I am definitely going to make a commitment to not missing legs. Appreciate the ideas. You have to get a bit more creative at home.

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Ya tons of stuff to do with own body weight or dumbbells. My only problem is when I am doing the ab part on the floor my dogs think it’s playtime lol

Push day today. Breakfast 2 pieces whole wheat toast 6 egg whites. Lunch chicken salad low carb wraps light mayo. Dinner will be miso cod with salad zero calorie dressing and one cup cottage cheese. If I get cravings later at night I do an almond milk protein shake.
Lift today. Db bench press 4x12
Db decline bench 4x12 side lay raises 20 x4 overhead press decline skull crushers, dB flies. Finish off with calf raises. So my lifts have gone down considerably since starting the cut. Without tracking I’m assuming I’m overshooting my deficit. Losing fat fast but obviously losing muscle as well. So I guess I just answered my own question. I need to track macros and slow down the catabolism a bit.

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The real epidemic out there is not the Corona Virus but men skipping leg day! Most of the woman at my gym have bigger legs then most of the guys. There is nothing weirder then a dude who’s jacked from the waist up and who’s legs look he just climbed out of a wheelchair. It should be a crime! @Trollus don’t be one “them guys”


Yup I really had it coming. This is why I was honest about it. I have to be shamed into leg day. I knew I could count on the ugfam to call me out. Jesus I’m a lazy son of a bitch. @JLee I will be hitting legs tomorrow and logging lt.


I love leg day as much as I love my wife



Everyone hates training legs except @Dirtnasty! He likes pain. Me I hate them too! They hurt for days. I walk around like a 90 year old man. Anyways, nothing will grow as fast as legs so they will catch up quick!

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That’s funny. I have a friend that’s the quintessential surfer dude…waist up he’s yoked but his legs are chicken. Never works them. We call him polio boy.


I just started tracking macros 6 months ago or so…I promise everything looks different on paper. I was amazed.

I personally like MyFitnessPal…its free


Love the my fitness pal. It really sheds light on our diet.

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Hey bro. I’m at gym now. Just done warming up on the bike and starting squats. Was thinking about you so thought I’d check in!!


You can see am not using
Much weight cause afraid of
Injury. But get a good workout doing hypertrophy

I’m using enough weight for most of us. Hahah. I also can’t walk right now so let’s fucking go leg day for the boys

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