TRT Does Not Seem to Be Working

TRT Does Not Seem to Be Working

Here is the scenario. It is not uncommon but it is not the norm…

You have been injecting testosterone for several weeks or more under the supervision of your new TRT doctor…

You are still not sleeping well. You are still experiencing daily loss of energy and you are not having the positive experience that everyone else is raving about. All of your blood work pre-treatement came back all in the normal ranges except for low t and you are becoming discouraged. Your diet is healthy and you are training harder than ever.

What might be the problem? In many cases it is adrenal stress. Without going into it to deep the adrenal gland is a key part of our stress response system. Whether physical, emotional or phycological we all experience stress and the adrenal gland releases hormones that help us survive these stresses. When we experience too much stress the adrenal gland gets fatigued and begins to struggle to perform the functions that it is intended to under normal conditions. Think about how much stress your body has been in trying to compensate for the low testosterone condition that you have had for a long period of time.

The symptoms of adrenal stress are similar to hypothyroidism. The thyroid and adrenal glands are closely interactive and connected.

  • Trouble getting out of bed
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Daily tiredness
  • Lack of motivation
  • Difficulty focusing or staying on task.
  • Weight gain - belly fat

Luckily there are OTC supplements that work very well helping the adrenal gland to get back to functioning normal. My personal choice can be found on Amazon and it is called Adrenal Support - Cortisol Manager by 1 Body. I also incorporate RLC Labs I-Throid daily for a synergistic approach to adrenal recovery.

If you can relate to what I have shared I recommend reading up on adrenal stress/fatigue and the interaction of cortisol. Cortisol is a necessary hormone but too much of it has a seriously negative impact on what we are attempting to accomplish through TRT.


Dr.FeelGood strikes again!! Awesome info my bro :+1:t2:


We need to add to this and sticky it…great topic. Everything we do pounds our Adrenals.


OMG!! MEEE in a nutshell!:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

i just ordered iodine and selenium sups to take together two days ago

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i am so on that…u are awesome…so i will try all your great suggestions and narrow which works best for me…this is so cool​:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley: finally i see a light at the end of this dark tunnel of all those symptoms above

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Is this something that would be good to take just to add to your daily “vitamins” even if you don’t have these symptoms or there could be a situation where supplementing it if not needed could be worse for you?

Thats the million dollar question. Like I said in another post we could go broke supplementing with everything we deem effective but at the end of the day I simply go with a basic ‘survival pack’ of supplementation and add things as needed or I want to experiment with. I take an adrenal support and iodine daily as part of my survival pack.

I will say that the very best way is to learn to deal with life stress in general. I am of the opinion we are our own worst enemies when it comes to stress because we make a big deal over the smallest things. I have a saying in my family… “everything works out in the end!” :wink:

It took me a long hard road to reach that place but since I arrived life is REALLY good.

Did you know that the countries with the highest rating in ‘happiness’ also have an above average life expectancy???


Topic pinned in trt until the end of the month

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I like that “survival pack” term better than “vitamins” haha bats justvwhat I was getting at. Mine consists of a multi, vitamin c, fish oils, and liver supports. Just added dhea since numbers came back low on my bloods and doc suggested. I also take biotin for my locks :wink:

I TOTALLY agree with you in the stress side. I am right there with you. So many people look at the negative in everything, or surround them self with negative people/thoughts. It’s so toxic and when you remove that and just try to be positive and look for good vs bad it’s crazy how much happier you become. I’ve worked on that so much over the last 2 years and it’s heloed a ton. I consider myself pretty damn stress free.

But I wouldn’t have been against adding it to my survival pack if it had some other good benefits.

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@Fitraver Iodine is key to thyroid health and getting the right quality is important. In your specific situation this would be a waste of money. As far as adrenal support sups you would have to look at the specific ingredients and determine for yourself if the benefits support the cost.


I’ve got to help the wifey get her blood pressure down.
She’s been borderline hi for years but after driving 4 hours to the dentist she was sky high.
They would not even clean her teeth because the bp was so high.
170/ 110.
We just got home after 9 hours on the road and it’s still high.
I gave her about 20 mg of viagra, and I’m sure just being home will bring it down.
Time for her to make some changes…
Or take meds.

@Burrr if your spouse suffers from acute anxiety like my spouse I recommend you have your wife consider this…

Worst case scenario it doesn’t work and your out a few bucks. Best case scenario it tips the scale and works like a charm. It did not really help long term with my wife’s issues and she did have to seek a script from her doctor.

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Thats a really good saying and an even better outlook on life! I find myself making the biggest problems over the smallest issues in my own head so this would be a great destination for me to start my journey to.

I need to research this topic some more.
My game has been off for a week now.
Feels like over training.
Could be Cns, or adrenal fatigue, or maybe my celiac acting up.
This morning my hands felt kind of swollen and tingly. The same feeling you’d get from swinging your hands in a circle and filling them with blood.
Feet felt fine and it didnt seem like a water retention thing.
Arthritis is going off too…
Gonna start with eliminating grains and sugars from the diet for a while.
Keep a good journal and look for patterns.

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@Burrr it definitely sounds like inflammation and/or water retention to me. If I was in your position before addressing adrenal fatigue or elevated estrogen issues I would cut all carbs for a day or two and see if my symptoms improved. If they did not I would place attention in the other areas.

I completely relate to the arm swing analogy.

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Might be time for me to back off on the caffeine too.
Been hitting it all day. Coffee. iced tea, preworkout
Blood pressure is 115 over 75 but pulse is still at 78.
It’s been 5 hours since I got done rolling.

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What is your typical resting heart rate?

In the am I’ll be at about 60…
Before coffee

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