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I wanted to talk a bit about trt and hrt. I wanted to talk about the options and if its really worth doing.
I believe that once you get to around 40yrs old every male should go and get a hormone panel done with there doctor and find out where there numbers are at. Especially if you carry alot of weight around your midsection but you still eat healthy. Other signs are in the bedroom maybe sex just isn’t what it used to be and you just blame it on the fact that you have been married 20yrs. Other signs are no energy lethargic not feeling well even depression.
Its important for a man to have his hormones in the right place.
Women for years have been getting medications for Menopause the problem is that men don’t have a medical term like Menopause to use with there doctors when they start to get these symptoms.
Men are also not as likely to go to the doctor with these complaints. You should though and have the situation taken care of. Imagine you goto your doctor every 6 months and get blood work done thats great the doctor tells you that your fine and you say ok and go home but you know that something isn’t fine and that you don’t want to feel like this anymore. Well the blood work the doctor did doesn’t show him your testosterone levels and estrogen levels also progesterone and your fsh and lh. These are all very important chemicals in your body and most doctors don’t test you for these they usually just test cholesterol, liver values, and rbc. Things like this are the normal blood work. When you go tell your doctor you want a hormone panel done so you can see where these numbers are at. You would be surprised how many men walk around every day with low testosterone levels and other low levels and never know anything about it. Thank God that doctors have started to progress forward and more and more are starting to look at this problem more seriously.
Your options for trt are basically testosterone in either a patch a cream or injections now they have even devoloped surgically implanted pellets that release testosterone slowly over 6 months. The androgel is the most popular cream here is a link to it just click the banner

Androgel (Brand)

Then you have the patches which I believe might be better than the cream im not sure about how well that they release the Testosterone into the body though.
Your next option is injection in the United States the doctors are fond of prescribing Testosterone cypionate this is a link but its not pharma grade its a ugl but probably one of the best in the world.

GP Test Cyp 250

In Europe they are more likely to prescribe Testosterone enanthate usually called testoviron depot.
I have a couple different links to a couple different brands all are true pharmacy grade products just from different parts of the world.

Testoviron Depot

Now though we have another option that I believe is going to become very popular the only problem is that the fda hasn’t approved its use in the USA yet its called Nebido and its supposed to be a game changing product. Thats the quote from bayer Ag who makes the product. Here is a link to it and some good reading about it and how it works.


While taking Testosterone to get your levels normal you will most likely need a anti aromatase inhibitor or an ai for short. There are 3 popular kinds but 1 that most doctors prescribe its called Anastrozole. Its dosed in 1mg tabs this keeps your estrogen levels within range because the synthetic Testosterone aromatase into estrogen and dht. Anastrozole is also called Arimidex and doctors use this ai because it inhibits estrogen at lower levels then others like aromasin and letrozole.
Here is a link to pharmaceutical grade Arimidex.

Arimidex (Brand)

The next part that most doctors will prescribe is hcg this helps keep your fsh and lh semi normal so that your testicles won’t just shrivel up into little grapes. This also helps your body to remain in homeostasis.
Here is a link to some pharma grade hcg I should also add that hcg comes as a powder that needs to be reconstituted with my reccomendation is BAC water. It also comes in different sized kits starting at 1500iu to 10,000iu.

HCG - Fertigyn 10000iu

This in an example of pharma grade hcg.
There are other compounds like Proviron which are not approved by the fda but is a great and safe compound to use it will help your free Testosterone levels which are important also. Proviron is also made by bayer im not sure if you are seeing the pattern that I am but it seems like the fda doesn’t like to approve compounds made by bayer. Just like the situation with Nebido. Here is a link to pharmaceutical grade Proviron.

Proviron (Provironum)

Then you now have doctors trying to prescribe these pellets they are new to me and I don’t know much about them.

So this is your basic guide to all the trt compounds doctors prescribe. Im not a doctor so I can’t really say that you should take these medications but I do know that it can get really expensive to do trt with a doctor. I would suggest start with a doctor for the first year then once you are dialled in and its just the same thing over and over. Then you can use pharmaceutical grade products and stop having to pay outrageous pharmacy prices in America.
Make sure that you always run blood work regularly even if not seeing a doctor. can help you with this I believe its 60$ for a female hormone panel and that will tell you everything that you need to know. I can also say watch out for counterfeit pharma grade products they’re everywhere the links I have provided all lead to a verified src on They’re called a verified src for a reason all there products have been verified to be real pharmacy products.

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Interesting to note I’m prescribed propionate or suspension in EU. Past couple years pharmacies don’t carry enanthate or cyp as regularly. Really hard to find. so my script is basically assumed as the amount of milligrams and time. To fill it on several occassions I’ve had to split my script.

Alot of South Asia countries still have testoviron but alot of the walk in pharmacies carry a 100 test e and 25mg test prop mix

Excellent post. I understand how hard it is for some men to take the plunge to discuss something as personal as low sex drive etc with their doc. I have lived with it and continue to encourage my SO to talk to his doctor about many of the above listed symptoms. They do not go away on their own, guys. It puts so much unnecessary strain on a relationship and ones self esteem (for both parties involved) to keep avoiding it. There is nothing wrong with seeking treatment.

Im very open with my doctor and just in life in general but you are right so many men have the i have to be a man attitude but a real man can and will admit his short comings and then go out and get them taken care of.
I don’t know how a relationship can last if you can’t be 100% honest with your partner.

Agreed. For those that can’t be open and honest about what is going on with their body to their mate, guess what, she probably already knows. Especially if she’s a nurse😂

Thats cheating on the test lol

I have friends that are 40+ and swear they have athe sex drive still of 20 yo. Yet, when they are asked about their sex-life, somehow they have no time for it. Also, they have horrible insomnia, a rather hefty spare tire, and low energy and concomitant depression or anxiety. Hmmm. I ask if they considered trt. They ask what the hell is that? I give them a simple reply about testosterone injections. They are worried that their balls will shrink. (But their weenie is already useless!). They instead opt to smoke pot for sleep as that is their main complaint, even it doens’t help them sleep. The media has really messed up the view on trt/hrt. I more or less believe that the AMA would rather people pop hella pills for a variety of symptoms rather than promote the simple little weekly injections.

I agree that the media has given people a warped perception of trt/hrt. It is quite unfortunate too because it’s such an easy fix and life can go on as usual.

And even better! Pharmaceutical companies wouldn’t want that!

Here is the exact answer you two were looking for…it explains the whole country perfectly

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