TRT - my expierence with weekly updates

TRT - my expierence with weekly updates

Hi Ladies,

I had a hard time finding information on Testosterone Replacement for woman so I thought I will write down my own experience that everyone can learn from my mistakes and my - hopefully- success. i hope I can keep it interesting and don’t bore you all to death :sweat_smile:
Background about me: I’m 28years, 5’10’’ and currently 145lbs. Overall goal is to gain muscle and maybe loose 2-3%BF.
I’m eating about 200 cal above maintenance, work out 5 times a week for the last 3 years.
From day one I have a incredible hard time gaining muscles. Nearly no Newbie gains and gained in the last 3 Years maybe 5lbs muscle mass max (natty). I did a SARMS cycle last year, gained a little bit but lost most of it afterwards. I did my blood work for this cycle and learned that my testosterone levels are very low. Estrogen was lower but still in range
I saw a lot of doctors and no one wanted to touch TRT for women so I decided to start self medication.
My blood work from 2 days ago:

  • Test total 8 ng/dl
  • Estradiol 22 pg/ml( i was mid-cyle)
  • FSH 9.0 mIU/ml
  • LH 6.7 mIU/ml
    Lipids, AST and ALT all good

So after a lot of research and a discussion with my Coach ( female and on gear as well) we decided on Test E 10mg/week and see how I feel.We plan on taking another blood test in 4-6weeks to see where my levels are.

Anyway sorry for my long text…I got my package today and bought syringes etc this morning.
It sounded all so easy but now I’m kinda afraid to poke a needle in my body :joy: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:
I will keep you informed how it goes…


Awesome post! I’ll be following for sure. I just started my wife up on a lil GH for now and see how she reacts to it, and we’ll go from there.

I appreciate you running a log so much I believe that women definitely need more real life experience to read from so that they can get a good idea of what they might be doing for the first time or even getting more experience to take it up a notch
Much respect

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That’s fucked up that no doctor would help you they take an oath to help everyone I hate almost all doctors im sorry to hear about this situation.
You should put them all on blast for not helping you I believe that its definitely discrimination.

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@raspi-witch - I know of a couple of TRT clinics that offer services for women, if you want a prescription. But that’s up to you and a lot of General Practitioner (GP) doctors won’t touch TRT for women.

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Thanks. If this experiment goes wrong I will definitely consider going to a specialized trt clinic for women

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My wife got on it, changed her whole life around. Best thing since meeting me lol. Tons of energy, more confidence etc. She’s on the test cream. Sex life is great just be careful and get those labs done! A little dab will do you and you don’t want the virility issues.

Hit me up I can recommend one for u if u need it .

Quick update and a question for y’all :blush:
So I did my first shot 2 days ago. Subq in my (sadly still existing) belly fat. 28g insulin syringe.
I went more or less without a problem.
But the area is still kinda sensitive but not swollen red or hot. Am I just behaving like a pussy and this is normal or did I something wrong?
I read somewhere that it can help to warm up the oil. What’s the best way to do this?

Maybe it’s placebo but I think I start to feel a little bit more energetic and my mood not as grumpy as usual :blush:

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I am very interested in this thanks for posting my wife hasn’t been the same since she had our son I asked her to get hormones checked and the doc told her “ she was prob ok” I shit you not I told her to swap doc but she won’t it was life changing for me and I hope it does the same for you don’t give up !! You can run the barrel of syringe under warm water or with a hair dryer don’t. Drown it or get it hot don’t want infection or if you get it hot and inject it’s not fun either I done it once I run mine under warm water for maybe a minute it may be the subq that hurts some I do intramuscular I know some people do subq maybe they will chime in it is gonna take some getting used to but when you start feeling better and becoming the person you know you are again it’s worth it

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completely normal, done it tons of times! It is better to shoot it im. But just to get it into your system thats good. No its not placebo, its real. As you lean up in upcoming time, you probably will start leaving lumps at inj. Sites. Thats ok to, they go away. Sometimes they hangout for up to a week, you’ll end up going im, just for convenience sake. But like @Outlawthing said don’t quit its a total life change for the better

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@Outlawthing Thanks for the encouragement. I will try it with warm water until its hand-warm-thanks.
Sounds like your wife had the same experience with her doc than me. “it’s prob ok” is just not a qualified medical assessment of a problem :rage:

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@Sig516 Why do you think IM is better? There are so many different opinions out there but it sounds like you know what you are doing…
I was reading somewhere that injecting Subq gives me more even levels…is that true ?

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The lumps and knots get annoying im once you get comfortable with it is painless with your same slin pins. And when I ran my pharm grade test. I had slightly better higher levels, really it is just easier with Im


Ok got it thanks for your input :+1:

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It’s not an exceptable answer At least do bloodwork try to help you wouldn’t have been at the doctor if it wasn’t effecting you quality of life my wife is the type to go by the book ( funny right ) if doc says it ok or if he doesn’t prescribe it don’t self medicate so she isn’t open to doing it herself

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That has to be frustrating for you, “it’s probably ok” is never an answer.

I’ve never done subq, but for me, the deeper in the muscle the better, if I use a 1" pin, I get knots and it’s sore af. 1 1/2" pins, no pain.

I use same size As well just works for me I can use inch but it’s hit or miss give yourself some time you will get better as you go and at some
Point will not even pay any attention it’s like second nature

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I just wanted to ask what type of carrier oil is the gear that you are using I ask this because some oils do much better when inj subq others do much better inj IM.
The spot is normal for a subq inj as long as it hasn’t been over a week and doesn’t show any signs of infection but you also have to worry about a sterile abscess. I don’t believe that you have either but just a heads up.
I would definitely check out what oil is the carrier oil in your gear and then check out how well it does when inj subq by just Google. I know certain ones like sesame seed I believe is good for subq probably mct also but gso or other oils that are thicker are probably better to use IM.
Im always curious about subq cycles ive been wanting to try one myself but ive always done IM.
I just believe subq would be so much easier.

Good luck and good gains

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