TRT or do another round of PCT?

TRT or do another round of PCT?

Hey guys, I’ve been gone for a while from here. You might remember me from ending up in the hospital from temporary paralysis of the legs from kidney issues that caused my potassium to dip. I’ve not yet had any issues and kidney functions are normal.

I am 28 and I’ve done PCT for the first 3 months of Nolva and clomid. It has now been almost 7 months and my test levels are low 200s. It’s not extremely low but still low for a 28 year old. I have almost no libido and definitely loss of muscle mass even with working out. Other than that, no issues like depression.

Should I try another month or two of PCT to see if I can get back to normal ranges or should I look at TRT now?

I have a question of going on TRT and fertility. I don’t want children yet, but I can’t say I’ll feel the same later in life. Will TRT destory any chance of that? I know it’s possible to be fertile on TRT and some people even get their girl pregnant on heavy cycles. But what are so more information on this?

You should go to a trt doctor and get bloodwork and have them bring you back to normal levels.
Its the for sure way to get you back to in range and ask him if he reccomends trt and then you will have the doctor taking care of you.


You can do another couple months of clomid. My doc had me on nolva and clomid in beginning then clomid alone.

After if its not high enough then ask doc to treat with testosterone or proviron. Mine did proviron first then test. Now the amount of test given is worked out specific to your levels and during the 4-6 weeks will crash your FSH levels but it will come back.

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Go to a TRT doctor. Tell him what you want to achieve. If he knows his shit he will get blood work and go from there. Most TRT give Test C or E. HcG and Adex… it will raise your T levels, keep your nuts full sized and working and take care of any issues. It will take several months to dial you in, but once your failed in, you’ll be good on all levels to include baby goo. :joy:. Start now. Do it right. And you’ll keep your boys full and hanging not sucked up and small. :joy:


I’m going to dig around for one. I’m in the country in Italy, I’m not sure if there is a doctor who specializes in TRT.

Look for an endocrinologist I believe is correct

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TRT is not a popular concept in most of Europe. In my experience only Endos or some gen practioners will prescribe. When I met with a few docs in 2 countries they were amazed at the concept of a TRT doc and couldnt believe the US govt even allows it.

Look for an endo that speaks and reads english. They’ll be the ones more up to date and willing to prescribe things. Or if you give them some studies in english to read they can understand it.

My endo is one of the best in my country and people come from other countries to see them. But they do fertility and endo. Until i found a doc that specialized in both even the endos wouldnt prescribe shit but clomid and nolva. If your levels get anywhere near normal range, no way in hell will they prescribe anything.


Yeah. There are definitely those. I just wonder how they’ll react if I tell them the truth. Idk what the thought of TRT and AAS use here is.

I’ll be moving on for work to the UK later, I would assume TRT is more common there? So maybe I can just get them to help me to try to come back to within normal range here and look at the option of TRT if it’s still not where I’m feeling good about it. I don’t think the low end of the normal range is the quality of life a 28 year old should have.

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Most docs out here dont give a damn about your quality of life. They care about their license and regulation at govt level.

That being said admitting you are self administering TRT they will still help you. But steroids are everywhere in Europe. UK personal use isnt illegal.

I flat out told my doc i wasnt going to stop using after sperm came back and wanted to make sure i did it as safely as possible. We brought my swimmers back after being shut down for 20+ years on cycles and told by a fertility doc in US it was impossible. They were ok with that and prescribing me lower dosages and my ais and all.

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I had a buddy that was in Italy and he said it was alot easier than Australia. That’s all I really know about it

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Ive been looking at some studies. One of them more recent. They seem to point to that it’s entirely possible to get them back with HCG and possibly with clomid. One doctor i read said he saw thousands of patients that had been shut down and every one of them was able to get it going again.

It seems the science points to unless you had problems before , you should be able to get it back going.

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This is the one I’m talking about.

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