TRT... when is it time?

TRT... when is it time?

At what point in your life do you consider TRT? Is this a decision you make alone or guidance from your doctor? Is this a decision you made from blasting and cruising, and watching your test from bloodwork?

TRT is not a choice unless you actually have a medical condition and are low testosterone. Many steroid users will take a cruise, not because they are actually low t, but because the want to maintain peak levels post cycle and do not want to hassle with PCT.

My advice is for anyone and everyone is to maintain and do everything in your power to maintain your natural production for as long as possible. I abused steroids all the way up into my early 30’s and when I was around 46 I had my testosterone tested. My Total T came back at 118ng/dL and my estradiol sensitive was so low it did not even register!

Trust me when I say you want your body to do what it supposed to do for as long as it can. TRT is a lifesaver for those who truly need it but it is also a life long commitment or you will go back into the dark hole you came out of.

Thats my thoughts on the question.


This confuses me a little bit… I understand the rest of the post how is TRT not a choice? It seems it would be a choice unless it’s a medical condition… unless im just not reading that first sentence correctly?
Your my guy to guy for the questions and this is how we all learn!

Clarity… You should not choose to take the TRT route unless you have low T. Then and only then does it become a choice. You can have low T and choose not to take the replacement route.

I am just one person with a lot of opinions and I am sure others can share from there own experiences.


Thanks for clearing that up

Hey Bro basically when you use a cycle after your run you want to go on low cruise. This has several benefits. Once cleans out your receptors two keeps you from crashing. That’s basically what you do. Everyone has now coined it as TRT. (Testosterone replacement therapy) that’s not the correct terminology but that’s what everyone calls if now days.


When most (not saying everybody) decide to do the TRT which compound of test is usually used?

I don’t know what most use I can only go off what I use and was taught. I use prop about 25mg 2 times a week spread out. Or enth 25mg 2 tines a week. This gives you just a small amount of test to keep you from crashing and cleans your receptors out and primes them for another blast. I learn this from a dr and has worked very well for me


Wouldn’t you want to use the enanthate less frequently than the prop?
Just wondering if that was a typo?

The medical condition of low T is interpreted different from one guy to another.
Some may say to ride it out natty unless you drop below 200 ng/do
Others choose to jump on the trt cruise when levels are still low normal.
Take joe Rogan as an example, he started trt at age 39. He’s never said what his level was before but did not describe it as low, just not at a prime level.


Typically medically prescribed TRT is TestC from a compounding pharmacy in 200mg/mL concentration. Doses range but typically are 100-200mg/wk. There are other testosterone replacement options like patches, cremes and pellets. I have seen a rise in the popularity of pellets. They are injected in the arse every 3-4 months.

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Freaking ouch… pellets in the ass? No way!:-1:

No as I want to clear my receptors our so prob is in and out quickly and helps clean out receptors and primes them for next go around

@PHD do competitive BB’ers ever come completely off and PCT while they are actively competing?

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Not during prep but when I’m done with mine I’ll do my cruise phase clean my receptors out flush my system out completely and get all blood work done before and after 2-3 months of cleanse. Then I’ll start a bulking phase again. But I use low doses compared to most bbers


My dad says the pellets hurt

Wife has pellets and no pain,
But way less pellets in a girl butt

It also has to do with relative every day functioning. My best friend had T levels in the 600’s however due to his job and other endocrine issues levels of cortisol and adrenaline dumps he was prescribed trt to raise his levels into a more optimal level of functioning Hormones and endorcine system functioning is going to have more to do with how one feels rather than a gross average of what is considered ‘normal’ there are always people who fall beyond those rangers as outliers.

it can happen with just about anything … when my endocrine system wasn’t functioning properly my dosages of T4 were up to 180mcg which if anyone knows anything about Thyroid that is a massive dose however for me to function and feel normal that was the dose required.

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I have heard they hurt

So im curious now, what’s the procedure to put pellets in your butt? Is it under the skin or goes inside your anus?

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