Trying something new

Ok. I’ve use test, anvar, and dbol. I’m about to try tren for the first time and checking to see if a tren, anvar, and test cycle will be a good cutting strength cycle? I’ve heard good and bad about tren just seeing if it’s a good way to go.

First off welcome to the board and throw up an introduction. Your stack doesn’t tell me anything, idk your stats, diet, or anything. And running Anavar while in Tren is a waste. Tren will over shadow anything you would see or get from Anavar.


We would need alot more information about your training diet and goals to really try and give advice. How did your other cycles go? What were your gains? What are your goals that you are looking to achieve?

You should throw up an introduction welcome to ugm

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Var tren and test is a good cycle. Don’t know much on your back ground that’s about the best advice as coach I can give you. I’d follow a good diet and training program.


Sorry. Hey guys new to speaking been a member for a little while. My diet isn’t the best because of the job I have but working on it with more prep meals. I’m starting a cycle at 41 haven’t done one since my 20’s. Going 400mg test a week and 200mg tren a week with 40mg of anvar a day.

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Well the dosages seem very reasonable for starting back up. Do you have any experience with Tren? Also what is your goal with this stack? The compounds you choose make for a good recomp stack. Now you gotta remember brotha your diet will be the ultimate factor of your outcome.


In my opinion you can try something like this:
option 1

1-16 test e @ 300mg
1-16 eq @ 600mg
12-19 var @ 80 mg ed
17-19 test p 100mg eod

Option 2

Weeks 1-14 500mg of test en
weeks 1-14 400-600mg of EQ
weeks 12-17 100mg masteron eod

option 3

Just test p and Anvar

option 4

Test prop 50mg
Mast prop 50mg
Tren A 50mg


Thanks Raphael. No I’ve never used tren before. I’ve been 400mg of tren and 500mg of test cyp. So far it’s went smoothly. My only thing I was wondering is tren hard on your kidneys? It’s a first time actually pinning myself so far no pressure with that. My diet is probably the hardest thing to get control over.

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Just wanted to say this is the best group of guys on the subject. Thank you guys for all the knowledge you pass down on here.


And SRX is the on best quality goods and awesome delivery times. They will have my business as long as they are going.

Once you use the products you can leave a review for them. Especially since its Reviews for August contest month. :sunglasses:

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Hey brotha here’s a good read on kidney damage and AAS.


Thank you that was one of my concerns now. When I was younger I didn’t think much about it. Thank you.

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Will definitely do it!:tada::+1:

I’m having trouble finding credibility in that article in regard to anabolic steroids being the leading cause to the fibrosis and injury, fatigue, etc. of the kidneys. When you really dig into it, I would suspect that the kidneys and liver as well as associated action of them would be highly effected by the high protein diet, the pretty well unregulated and enormous amounts of supplements and creatine powders and those were likely the leading cause if failures. We all know the steroids will likely have played their role but this is exactly what the medical community does. Smear the steroid and neglect the other attributes. I’m willing to bet that if the same or similar study was done on all natural body builders following the same nutrition guidelines they would likely find similar results.


I totally agree with you on that, always make the steroid the culprit SMH

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