Trying to identify a busted source shipping from Ukriane

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Anyone know which sources are shipping from Ukriane?

According to prosecutors release an internet steroid ring was busted and a call center with 20 computers, 25 mobile phones, 70k in cash, 4.6k vials and 2 AKs with rubber bullets.

One arrest was made lol. Thats Ukriane for ya. For selling medicines without permits.

16 searches total made as of current. Alot of people send money there and musclebear was there along time ago but not sure which sources are shipping from there still? It will most likely slow down whichever supplier is moving stuff out from there. @UGMain

@PHD @SIEGMUND @Bigmurph

Looks like radjay but the pictures aren’t detailed enough for me to be sure but it could be a src i know at eroids i will write him a pm

Its Ukraine so after a few bribes are paid they’re out minus the stock but sucks for anyone with pending orders or using their real info to order.

It wasn’t who I thought it was

Both those brands i can tell in the pic are from Moldova. Euro Prime Farma and Balkan. But shipping from kiev is hard to pinpoint. Tho the box is nova poshta and usually shipped with country courier service.

im sorry tren idk.
gentelmen. i must appolagize. im so crazy trying to make up what i lost im going nite everynite. …its. hard. but im thinking im making a little head room.

also me and my boy got some purple panda raws. , his boy works at a university and has access to all. lab. (also love juice :))))) so. pk landed. a little prop. the tren is on way.
so i will have. results for pp raws.
is there a site. or lab. i can send to test there raws ??? this way it benefits us. purple panda. and. alll. let me know sig.

Are you in the states? I fuckin wish there was skemwhere icoukd send some vials to be HPLC tested. Don’t think they exist tho here.

im in states. , and there was a few labs years ago. threw like er. ect. but turned out they were on the take. kwim ???
i onow what to expect from. gear but nothing better than a true lab for our. security.

im looking. now for a true lab. if you get any info let me know also. …

and good talking to you. shit im sorry i been so crazy the last 3 weeks. i miss my site. but ill be back

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