Two chickens, one smoker

Had 2 chickens I needed to cook, so I decided to fire up the smoker for a few hours again tonight… did one beer can, used fat boys sweet rub with a little cow girl rub on top, reds hard cider and as always smoked with apple wood… did the other one spatchcock, used Fat Boys chipotle rub with a little all purpose on top. My wife’s doing some stupid ass apple cider vinegar cleanse this week, so I’ll have these gone by myself in 2 days…
image image image image


I laughed at title

I laughed at the pics did you stuff them with meat ?

That looks good and that chicken is going to taste great

@Outlawthing, no, not stuffed.


I’ve stuffed chickens with italian sausage before… it’s good, but increases the cooking time, gets a little tricky trying to keep the chicken from drying out

You make some tasty looking stuff bro!!!

I’m surprised @BigSwole69 didnt have a comment lol you know how he is with objects and holes

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That’s fuckin awesome, let me hold that for you buddy.

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