Two United States Marines Punished for Illegal Steroid Shipment

Ha ha

Got damn PFC. and Lance coolie fuckin things up in the fleet… Snapchat. Amazon. And FPO. Might as well asked the corpsman you do the injecting. Come on man… WTF is wrong with you two? I mean you got nothing but time. You don’t even need gear deployed. I spent 4 to 5 hours a DAY in the gym deployed. And if on ship. 5 hours was minimum. You’re killin me Smalls…


They should have made capsules with a blend of adrol, dbol , winstrol, and tbol. Put them in creatine capsule bottles. Shrink wrap the bottles,

I never had time for gym on deployemt

Were you ever on a ship?


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I was in the sand every time

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No work-ups on a ship, training at Lejeune, Fort AP HILL Virginia, and CAX then Iraq every time the same thing

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Wow. I took a ship 3 times. Then exfil in country. As a contractor flew in. Which was nice.

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I wish we could have done some different training or you know, go to a different country… AP hill was a army base they had way fucking cooler ranges to shoot in then we did

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Well that sucks. What does administrative separated mean? No dishonorable discharge I hope.
Unfortunately, I have never served so this is virgin territory for me.

Admin separation means he gets nothing. No VA. No education benefits. RE4 code. No ability to reinlist. No government job opportunities

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Holy shit!! That’s a high price to pay for some juice!! Nah, not worth all that.
Thx for filling me in, big guy.

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