UG Labs vs Pharma, the never ending debate

hey guys,

when I first started buying gear, I was told pharma products are superior to UG labs.

10 years ago when UG labs started to come online, i agree there were some horrible UG labs, there still are. most of these labs are operated by gangsters and drug dealers. so you can only imagine what their commitment to consistency and quality was.

nowadays I find that there are a handful of labs that work hard to ensure quality control and here to actually help novice clients avoid the pitfalls of mistakes that are commonly made.

the only products i found that i would say is superior as pharma is GH. however its typically 4 times the price of UG GH. unfortunately UG GH is very hard to tell if its working or not, so getting blood tests to see your gh and igf levels are the only way to confirm a good UG GH lab.

I found that well made UG steroids are often up to par with pharma. Ive done both product testing with lab max as well as getting blood tests to see where my levels are.

what are your thoughts?


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