UGM - Evo's Introduction

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Just found this site last week, been lurking around - I like the posts and information given / obtained through this site / so i signed up. So for my background I am 40 years old, was recently put on TRT this last year - love it / feels like I am 20 again. Not sure why this is still somewhat taboo for the medical industry. I am now an advocate of this (TRT & Blood Work) and telling people / individuals - that if you don’t feel right get a full panel / complete blood work done. Blood work can tell you so much more now a days / and then some. Been weight lifting off and on for the past two decades. Was off not lifting for the past 3 years - due to a lower back injury. But again ever since TRT was introduce into my regiment I have been making all kinds of gains. I just want to say thank you for all you do and contribute / if it was not for sites like this people would be lost or overloaded with not knowing what compound (s) do what.


Thanks for the kind words and welcome I’m sure you have plenty to offer as well glad to have you here.

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Welcome aboard brotha, pleasure to have you here, if you need anything just hit me up my man✌️

Welcome aboard!

Stick around and all answers shall be revealed.

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Welcome to the board.
You’re in the right place, tons of great people here.

welcome. this is the place to be, thats for sure

Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around and hear that you are feeling better on trt

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