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I don’t and normally wouldn’t tag @members but I feel the need to write this thread and share my thoughts and opinions on the board.

I have seen a lot of newer guys/gals and even some veterans post the same thing over and over and I have seen it on other boards as well. That is the statement(s) of

“There is so much conflicting knowledge and opinions that it’s hard to determine what is what” (or similar) “It’s hard to make decisions or decide what to do or not to do because of so many thoughts and opinions.” Etc etc.

With that said, I think it’s important to say a few things to our own members and anyone else that may just be lurking or reading the site.

This thing we do and this life we live is our own. Meaning that the majority of us will not have the same results, experiences, side effects or lack there of. We will not react the same to the same compounds and dosages. We will not be able to tell someone else what absolutely will happen. We will not be able to tell someone exactly what they will gain or lose. This is one big science experiment with our bodies and you are your own scientist and you are your own Guinea Pig. There is plenty of pub med articles, online medical journals, steroid information sites, wiki articles and yes even forums and forum members to get information from.

What we need to understand and take from the medical journals and articles is what these compounds are for and what they actually do. What they were created for and used for medically. What doses they were tested with and or prescribed for and what the potential side effects or results are at different doses. Anything else is just anecdotal information obtained from people that use these compounds. Everyone is going to have something different to say because we are all different. Sure there might be some similarities in our findings but those are literally variables. People tend to take what is said as meaning they need to do it because of the fact that most people want to have recognition and what they say as being fact for everyone. The “gurus” out there are still just like you and me performing our own experiments on our own bodies. They aren’t the end all be all though.

We as a community need to start being more mindful of this fact. We are our own experiments. We need to be more mindful not to state things as medical facts. We need to remember to remind others that our findings are our own and they may experience completely different things.

Yes there are some basic “rules” so to speak but there really aren’t many. Utilize compounds to your specific goals. Stack compounds by design and use. Use an AI for estrogen control. Use a SERM for gyno prevention or PCT. Use a dopamine receptor agonist to combat progesterone, progestin and or prolactin. Give your body a break once in awhile. Follow the half lives of esters the best you can. Minimize risk with knowledge and application.

That’s really about it. Everything else is hearsay, rumors and anecdotal evidence of our own research. So you have to take the time to gather information on your own. Sift through the piles of shit and find those little gems of information that fit your needs and goals and apply them as you deem fit.

Every day I am on here. Almost every hour. Every piece of advice I give is based on my own expirament and the knowledge I have gained from my research and testing. But what I say it not golden. What I suggest to one person may not be for another. I feel the majority of us do the best we can to help each other but that can often become confusing and misleading as the information outside of medical research is not always present.

I will still always do my best to help guide and educate based on medical studies and findings and I will share my anecdotal evidence and research findings and be sure to note with the individual that they were my own findings and results. I hope everyone can do that same.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading and leave any comments or feedback that you’d like.


Alot to read but everything there is the truth. Well said brother


Can this be pinned globally so everyone can see it?

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Sure can.

@trengod not sure why I can’t pin globally but if this is pin worthy will you do that please?

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Great post. About 90% of the time I feel we all say the same thing. Sometimes there is the “why would you do that? I never heard of it” argument. But i take it with a grain of salt. I know what works for me. I stay away from bodybuilding type questions because I am not a bodybuilder. I have and always will be more of a get big and lift a Buick type of guy. I have used AAS because it helps me get over that Plateau. And over all I feel better. Anyways. I think everyone tries to help. But some just refuse to heed advice. I mean when the entire board says “don’t do that” and they keep doing “that” you’re going to ruffle feathers. I mean it’s like me asking advice on Tren. Everyone said stay in the 200mg range a week. Preferably every day. Then I say ok. I’ll do a gram a week once a week. :joy: you got to take the advice. If I keep coming back and saying the same thing, people get frustrated. Why? Because most have lived it. Done it. Or used it. Sorry for the long reply. I just want to know I think this by far is the best place with no dog piling. Keep it up!! The good advice. Not dog piling. :joy::joy:


Outfuckingstanding read, and Well put @Berserker for the second time today I’ve said that to you. Now can you please tell me how I am gonna feel after I pin tomorrow.


You’re gonna feel like you stuck yourself with a needle Haha


Good post! I also feel utilization of the search bar is needed more by new members. Hell i use it still pretty much on a daily.


Shit man I use it all the time lol. That’s a good point to make too.

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This is why I enjoy this page, is not only the knowledge but understanding and comradery, which is almost non-existent anymore. Great read also, tack.

I believe alot of people (such as I) are just apprehensive and not knowledgable about things, due to the false negativity, information & stigma surrounding the “lifestyle”.
Also in this day and age of over saturation of info. For every good footnote of info, there are pages of “bro science” or as mentioned, ones personal experience; though we all respond differently to everything.
It can be very overwhelming and confusing at times.
It’s good to hear all put in perspective.


@IronBerserker I have learned so much in this forum,and have been corrected in things “I SWORE” I knew, but it’s been constructive criticism here, not keyboard assholes, and I truely enjoy and partake in the camaraderie here.


Great post. Thank you

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Good read! Thanks!

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Solid statement, thank you! I don’t think any one person is a qualified expert. Maybe a combination of folks. Even a specialist in a medical field cant 100% predict 100% of the time. I greatly anticipate what will come as the science advances in this field of fitness, PEDs, and the body.

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