Ugm veterans group thread

Ugm veterans group thread

I have created a ugm veterans group. I myself am not a veteran. I do believe that a majority of members of this community are. I wanted there to be a group where veterans could talk amongst each other.

If you would like to be part of our veterans group please let me know and I will add you to the group.


ty murph
im sure they will appreciate.

This is a great idea. Theres some medical issues that can affect veterans and should be discussed separately imo.

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Woden actually came to me with the idea.
I thought it made sense especially that a good amount of us have served

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like you said murph
a closed group , where only vets can attend they can privaty … discuss.
thankyou. for moving so quick on this.

Outstanding! Soldier Medic!!! Hoooraaaahh!!!

Im working right now on putting together a invite only subcategory. Im not a tech guy so this might take longer than the ladies forum. Im struggling a little with it but it will get done.

The veterans forum is now up and running.
We invite all who have served there countries to join.

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Ooh Rah… how do you join?

i beleive send big murph a request , jar.

I got you i will make you a member right now

Your in brother

Thanks bro

No doubt if you ever need anything just hit me up anytime im here to help

To all our new members this veterans category is invite only for real veterans that have served any country.
Let a mod know that you are a veteran and we will get you a badge to enter this category


Great call.


Hello fellow vets and Semper Fi devil dogs. I am a combat wounded veteran from Iraq . 0311 all the way. 1st Bn 8th Marines, 2nd Bn 2nd Marines and 2nd Light Armored Recon. Thanks Big Murph for making this group. It’s great connecting with other vets who are Iron warriors to. Looking forward to the group


Hello vets!
Army reserve here.
71N all the way!

Ft.McClellan just long enough to soak in some monsanto chem weapon waste.

Thanks for your service.


Please add me to the vets group

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What’s 71N?

Semper fi 482!! I was 3/6 kilo co 0311 2004-2008 they were nice enough to deploy me to the RAQ 3x in less then 3 yrs and then wonder why I didn’t want to reinlist

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