UGMuscle (Desktop) Concerns

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Aside from bugs observed in the layout, it felt necessary to create a thread to document requests/preferences for whoever is modifying the structure of UGMuscle.

My contribution as the first post:

The top of the page overlaps the text and links.

For some reason, the page believes the pic that you uLed to reveal the bug to be the thumbnail.

The category title overlaps the user avatar.

When you click on Log In, the window that prompts you for your credentials lacks an X to cancel out and return to the previous page.

I want to thank all for these contributions to Making ugmuscle #1 in the online forums. @TrenGod will be here soon im sure.

You are welcome. Wow, super friendly Mods. Some moderators could have deleted/ censored this thread because the critiques could have been misinterpreted as nitpicking and/or complaining.

We would never we want this site to be the best and for it to be the best we need to listen to our members its not the mods or administrators that makes the site its all the members helping each other in the forums and posting information that helps all of us without you guys were just a url with no hits.
About fixing the bugs its going to take some time the trengod has some things happening so he won’t be around for a week or two until then im always here for anyone or anything.

Just came back from a work hiatus. I haveta admit, this site looks cleaned up immensely and refined. Very impressive work/ quick turn around.

For some of us that work in offices, it would be nice if the website was developed with responsive design. This way, when my windows are all sized smaller than presumed, the site will adapt to look more tablet/mobile versus all cluttered.

Not sure if this was mentioned, but when you click on Log In, there is no button to “Go Back” to the site lol. That’s no bueno; seems like a tactic to force users to create a new account *joke.

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