UKGear Some pictures of the athletes we sponsor

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Some pictures of the athletes we sponsor. Few are IFBB pro’s, and few just starting out.


Jesus! Got some beasts in there!

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Very nice. This speaks for your company loads. I was wondering what is qualifications to be sponsored by you guys

Thank you, most of these guys contacted us after they tried some of our products, so both sides win.

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Amazing all of them I have to say a shout out to any man who can rock pink socks like that
Hell yeah

Yes, especially when he is from Texas :wink:

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It looks really fun …

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Lol this reminds me of when I was doing more strongman training. I loved it. We looked for anything heavy to lift.

So you guys can walk together :wink:

I prefer pulling trucks. Makes everything in the body work at one time. :truck:

That definitely beats my hex bar love it

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