Underground Anabolics written by William Llewellyn and Ronny Tober available from roidtest

I will read Underground Anabolics first since it won the vote in the post where I showed all my goodies.

I was a little lazy so here’s a much better description of the book than I could have written especially since I haven’t read it yet.

I will continue to fill this post with thoughts and information or possibly discussions that we can talk about lets see where the rabbit hole takes me lol


So it’s the one book many underground labs don’t want you to read, and here we have mostly UGL’s, hmmmm

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I read their several months ago. It’s a good read.

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Honestly I haven’t seen that part yet but while skimming I believe I saw what there talking about

I believe that I will finish it today I was really enjoying it

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Was it that “scary”? @NeuroRN

I read the first chapter I actually read alot more but were going to go chapter by chapter

First Up
PROHIBITION and anticipating results

This was a good start to the book it basically explains how every time you outlaw something criminals nump all over any type of prohibition.
They explain it by talking about how places like Amsterdam or the Netherlands where they have no prohibition on marijuana and prostitution make it an extremely different place where the youth don’t use drugs anywhere near the usage of the usa.
They talked about how when Mexican cartels got into smuggling steroids. That it was so different than the other drugs like heroin cocaine and many others. Anabolics were easy everything was always smooth.
They talk about the cuts and different adulterants that contaminate the different drugs mostly cutting agents and that the street drugs were from 5-80% in strength. So way off in dosages.
Very dangerous stuff added to street drugs

The worst was people spraying there buds with glass beads and shine it also made them heavier so disgusting and this is why I say test test test you can order test kits for street drugs from Amazon. Always Harm Reduction

I really like this book tomorrow I will have a much better writing about what I read.


Today chapter #2 The Evolving Steroid Supply

Just the first breeze through is it starts in Mexico and takes us through all the different changes over the years and it talks about the different busts and even more bans there were so many bans SMH LOL

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Appreciate the updates in the chapters makes me want to read it

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Its a really cool book I can’t wait to get to explain some of the upcoming chapters ive already read.
Its real life experience for sure

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Thanks for imparting your knowledge.

Today was a crazy trip through time basically from the beginning through time from basically every manor steroid operation and when they occurred or rather caught.
You had Mexico in the 80s Thailand in the 80-90s
Then Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova all opened up the whole time Turkey,Greece and Portugal are supplying the other half of EU while Thailand India and China and all the rest also suppled the US.
There were multiple busts in this chapter that are described in detail which is interesting and I liked seeing the trends throughout the years and how things have changed.

Learned something new today I new that usp was united states pharmacopia but I didn’t know that BP is British Pharmacopeia and EP European Pharmacopeia

Definitely an interesting book learning alot that I didn’t know

I just read through the chapter Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.

Interesting stuff I finally learned what the USP/BP/EP

I also read through the process of how asia pharma an older company who’s owner is in jail right now because the DEA went to Malaysia and kidnapped him and brought him back to America.
Im not sure if this was the proper way to extradite someone but this is what they did Asia Pharma produced some great products especially hygetropin the original and they had igf1 available also that was legitimate. They also made alot of other hormones and they allegedly sent alot into the states so they went and grabbed him crazy seal team type shit.

To truly be really pharma grade the product needs to carry the USP/BP/EP

There are multiple other labs that are recognized as pharmaceutical grade by the countries that there made in who certify them as pharma grade.

Definitely do your research don’t believe something is pharma grade unless you know and can prove it through research or through verification not by ugmuscle.

The difficulty of producing AAS in a sterile environment is very difficult. I don’t recommend home brew to anyone that isn’t very well read and has studied and has the right equipment.
Its very easy to end up with just an infection but it could be much worse like infections in the blood liver and kidney damage if the raw material isn’t clear of heavy metals and contaminants. I couldn’t even write everything that needs to be done to brew a good batch of oil or water based medication.

The orals being produced might be a little easier but still take so much time and effort to make sure that everything is sterile from start to finish.


That’s what ive been reading about I knew part of the story but the entire story is just crazy.
The individuals in the story are still around today atleast some and they were the original powerhouse lab.
We now have other names nowadays and some of those have already gone through this drama.

Its a great read fellas I definitely recommend this book and im halfway through if you want to know from the 80s to today and everything in-between about the underground its in here so far.

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