Unitedgear mast prop

Received my pack and was very secure ,did 1 cc for past 4 days no pip ,hope it will help me with my mood and harden me up some.thanks for the fast service UG.

Hi mountain man, what exactly are you referring to that along with gains, helps your mood??

Muscle hardness and definition and helps take extra water off the body ,also makes me stronger in the gym brother but yes it promotes mood enhancement like a antidepressant

I like the sound of the mood enhancing effect, I have heard that Proviron May do the same thing… also since I have started using TNE as a preworkout I have been in a great mood, I told my doc at the VA that the test I’m pinning is way better then any pill they have given me to improve my mood… he didn’t like that.

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It seems like there are a lot of similarities between mast n Proviron … and also see that mast is better for gettin hard lean muscle, and provi is not really used for that

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They are basically the same I stay on proviron year round love the stuff ,I generally use mast when my bf is low and I need to tighten up some ,I don’t like using any AI and have not for many years so I take advantage of the slight AE properties of mast and proviron

Yes it works great for mood with me, running 75mg ed with 100mg npp ed.

I have never needed a ai either, I keep adex in hand, I don’t typically encounter to many side effects, thankfully. I may try some mast prop in the future,if I do I will let you know how my mood is on it, thanks for all the input.

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Please let me know how it works for ya ,I would value your input

Will do bro, it might be a bit, gonna see how this Proviron treats me, and I have been a bit of a human pincushion lately with the npp and the tne.

Got another question @Mountain-man what are normal dosages per week with the mast p? I see anywhere from 300-500 is the normal range is that correct? I have never used it before either, so I will start out low, what do you recommend?

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My 2 cents would be 50ed or 100eod.

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I will take your two cents thanks bro I should hav phrased it so it was more open ended to anybody, thanks

I would reccomend proviron over mast prop.
Id like to hear different opinions on this.
Mast is a great compound and works really well but you can crash your estrogen levels with it it is also extremely hard on the hair line if thats a concern.
Proviron will not do what masteron will do strength wise but its a better choice in my opinion.
If you’re interested in the effects that mast will provide I would go with primo basically same effects with the right diet and is not a straight dht but actually more of a dhb. I would reccomend boldenone with a cypionate ester but that comes with your blood getting much thicker and as long as you can donate then would be another great choice.
What do you think @Mountain-man and @Fitraver also @PHD.
Im really curious about everyone’s opinion on this because I have thought alot about this over the years.
I guess it really comes down to goals?

Thanks murph, I just started Proviron, so I am gonna see how that works, I know they are both similar, in vacularity,muscle hardness,anti-estro,mood enhancement, libido enhancement, but mast would help the gains more then Proviron so we will see over time how the Proviron works, although @Mountain-man is running both, and it seems to be working well for him I think.

I personally really like mast and have hardly any sides from it but the hairline thing. It’s def receeded some, but I have hair last my shoulders too. Doesn’t really bother me. One day I’ll just shave it all lol. I’ve never ran heavy doses tho. I really can’t wait to try provi. Ever used it. @Bigmurph

Never ran mast and jus started Proviron, and while I can grow a full head a hair i am a shaved head kind of guy so I don’t care if I run it n get a receding hair line

I have a good feeling that you will be trying some very soon​:wink::wink::wink::wink:

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Go for it mast is a great compound it will get you big and ripped.
100mg eod would be my reccomend on dose

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Thanks will do!!

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